Zariah Kale

Zariah is a writer, history nerd, amateur chef and mum of three. When she is not negotiating screen time with one of her two tweens, or falling asleep during movies, you'll find her scouring vintage shops for one-of-a-kind pieces or apologising to friends for the "late reply" over text.

Articles written by Zariah

Real Life
Here’s what happens in each stage of pregnancy
If you happen to be a first-time mum or know someone who’s navigating their way with a baby bump, you’ve probably heard of terms like “first trimester” and “second trimester.” And while the exact date where you tumble—pun intended—from one to the other may have you confused for a while, we sort of have a quick and easy breakdown to help you understand exactly where you are. And...
Health & Safety
When should I take my toddler to the doctor for a rash?
The words ‘toddler’ and ‘rash’ should never be in the same sentence. Unfortunately, they are, and quite often too. And if you thought your toddler was a handful before, then a toddler with a rash is much, much worse!
What do I need to prepare for baby’s arrival? Here’s your pre-baby checklist
It can be pretty overwhelming for parents to start preparing for a baby’s arrival. Do you start babyproofing now, or is it okay if all you want to do at the moment is go crazy in the clothes department? After all, those tiny onesies are just sooooo adorable! And the shoes! Oh.My.God!
Things to keep in mind when planning for pregnancy
It was my dermatologist who first asked me if I was planning to get pregnant. “Why?” was my knee-jerk reaction because I thought her question was invasive. She didn’t react, but instead calmly went on to explain how some chemicals and toxins needed to be avoided during and even before conception.
10% of women suffer from endometriosis globally – this is what they experience
‘Draining,’ ‘excruciating,’ and ‘isolating’. These are some of the words women use to describe the pain and trauma that come with endometriosis, a condition that affects 10% of women worldwide.
What are the food safety guidelines for infants and toddlers in Australia?
Having a baby transition to food purees and first foods is an exciting time! Your little bub now wants to take a bite of everything—and I mean EVERYTHING!