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Zariah Kale

Zariah is a writer, history nerd, amateur chef and mum of three. When she is not negotiating screen time with one of her two tweens, or falling asleep during movies, you'll find her scouring vintage shops for one-of-a-kind pieces or apologising to friends for the "late reply" over text.

Articles written by Zariah
It feels like yesterday when I gave birth to tiny 8-pound babies who cried every time I walked out of their line of sight. Their faces would light up as I pulled up in the driveway to pick them up from daycare and the car ride home would be full of non-stop chatter about every little detail, like the sparkly pink beret that Mrs. Janice had worn or a spotted bug they had found in the grass outside.
Mental & Physical Health
“I honestly believed I had some disease and was going to die. I was so sure I even penned down a will,” I shared with friends as I recalled the day I got my first period.
Entertainment and Technology
I remember the late nights cuddled in a large duvet with one parent on each side and endless snacks on the bed. This was our monthly movie night.
The first five years of a child’s life seem full of so many changes. It’s only when you look back at the pictures, that you truly realise how much they have changed in just the past year!
I sit in a corner on my favourite chair and sip my coffee. It’s still hot, which for many parents is nothing short of a miracle. But that’s not the only reason I’m happy. I’m watching my son and his two best friends run around our yard, and I don’t have to ask them to be careful or put away their gadgets.
Entertainment and Technology
When you’re a parent, you dream of having a quiet weekend where you don’t have to shuttle your kids all over the place to parties, sports games and the mall. Of course, having your children home for the weekend can also bring its own set of challenges!
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