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Conversations about the amazing story of human reproduction should be a normal part of every household. If you are feeling apprehensive, do a little preparation so that you can respond positively and be an ‘askable parent’. Remember you want to be the person who tells your kids about this. Don’t let them find out in the playground.
We know that traditional rigid gender stereotypes for males and females are one of the main contributors to disrespect towards and violence against women. Most parents might be surprised to know that these rigid stereotypes are mostly learned by (even very young) children at home. Even though most parents value gender equality, just over half incorrectly think their child is not influenced by...
So much of our world is assigned to masculine and feminine. Toys, colours, clothes, sports, occupations. We have very narrow, traditional, stereotypical definitions of male and female. Think about our expectations of what males and females should wear to weddings, in sport – boxing is seen as a male sport and nurses are mostly female. Often roles and conformity are enforced i.e. girls having...
You have already started teaching your small children about human sexuality whether you realise it or not. The way you speak to them, touch them, nurture them. As well as their early experiences of intimacy, pleasure, respect, consent (all non-sexual of course), are all giving them a foundation of what to expect for intimate relationships later on in life. They are absorbing everything...
Health & Safety
Children can learn at an early age, who can and can not, touch their private body parts and under what circumstances. We know that perpetrators of abuse will most often target children who do not know the correct names of their private parts or basic body safety rules.
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