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Dr Nicole Highet

Dr Nicole Highet is the Founder of COPE.

As well as the Executive Director of COPE (the Centre of Perinatal Excellence). COPE is a not-for-profit organisation devoted to reducing the impacts of emotional and mental health problems in the pre and postnatal periods.

Articles written by Dr Nicole
Labour & Birth
Whilst you may have had a clear birth plan or certain hopes and dreams for how your little one would enter the world, things (as we know) don’t always go to plan. Of course, we know this is something you can’t truly plan for and that the most important thing is for your baby to arrive safely – but that doesn’t always help to ease the pain or upset you may be experiencing. It is...
Undergoing a caesarian section or C-section will require a much different and unexpected recovery for you. It might take a little longer and affect your body in ways you didn’t see coming. Having the support of your partner will help you feel comfortable, so this article may help if they need a little extra guidance.
In the early days following birth, some women will experience a temporary condition commonly known as ‘The Baby Blues’. This will generally occur between the third and fifth day after having your baby and can leave you feeling very distressed and/or emotional. Some women may worry that the baby blues will affect their ability to bond with their newborn. However, it’s important to remember...
Mental health has quickly become one of the most important aspects of pregnancy. Whilst we all have good and bad days, if you have ongoing feelings of sadness, feeling down and/or have lost interest or pleasure in everyday life, then you may be experiencing depression.
There are a number of common concerns that parents can have when considering or expecting a second child. Pregnancy, birth and your experience as a parent may be quite different the second time around. Sure, there will be more challenges – as there are more and different demands upon you from each child. But also don’t underestimate the value of your learned wisdom and experience from...
We’ve all got lumps, bumps, cellulite, and beautiful love handles. Female bodies come in a whole range of shapes and sizes. When we choose to create a life, our bodies have to change and grow. Even though this is known, the way you transform may cause some distress or insecurity. Often we are surrounded with soft images of expectant mothers with their perfect baby bumps while maintaining...
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