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Natalie Mutulick

Nat is an Education Consultant and Parent Educator (and mum of 2) who empowers new school parents to effectively navigate school so their child has a positive experience of school where they are confident, happy and thriving.

In over 20 years in education (as a teacher and consultant to schools and education departments), Nat has supported thousands of families and their children to have school experiences that have been purposefully fitted to each child. Using an accessible, evidence-based approach, Nat has a gift for translating policy-driven educational jargon into every day actions parents can take to give their child the best school experience for them.

Articles written by Natalie
Health Wellbeing
If you have a child who started school this year, or who is in their early years of primary school, you might be silently rejoicing that Term 1 is finished and you can now relax into the rest of the school year.
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