Meghan McTavish

Meghan's a columnist, copywriter, podcaster, mother, divorcee—and one-time spiller of champagne on George Clooney.

Safe to say, she's a lot of things. But one thing she isn't—is afraid to share. Meghan writes about and creates products for people on the precipice of making a giant leap. She's here to say, "You'll be okay. Yes, you'll lie in bed with greasy hair, wearing a t-shirt stained with pizza sauce, deluding yourself with TikTok tarot readers telling you that 'you're the High Priestess' and 'your manifestations are coming' for a while. But you will be okay. And eventually, you'll be better than okay." Because you will.

Articles written by Meghan

Parenting like you’re divorced: The not-so-radical way to save your marriage
I’m about to ask you to go on a little bit of a journey with me here. One that will test your morals and societally-induced biases. A journey that often begins, for many, at the moment when you're standing in the kitchen, surrounded by dirty dishes, a screaming toddler at your feet, and you're wondering, "Is this what I signed up for?"