Marie Stambe

Marie is an emerging writer who loves all things content creation. From her Italian heritage to her deep-rooted passions (fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and fun), Marie harnesses the power of personal experiences to write stories that are #relatable and easy to digest. Because who has the time?

Articles written by Marie

These 3-letter baby names are short, sweet, and subtle
Choosing the perfect baby name is a struggle that all parents-to-be have to face eventually. Whether you’ve had your names picked out since your teens, have been pressured to keep certain names 'in the family', or are entering the final stages of your pregnancy and still have absolutely no clue what name to go with.
Baby Names
Floral-inspired baby names your list needs
Embrace the grounded beauty of nature (see what we did there?) with floral names that offer charm and plenty of cuteness. From the delicate petals of Lily to the vibrant hues of Poppy, these names not only celebrate the natural world but also carry deep symbolic meanings.
12 time-saving apps for parents that never slow down
Amidst the whirlwind of daily tasks and responsibilities that overwhelm a parent’s (rewarding but relentless) schedule - a shortcut comes in handy. Maybe it’s time to let technology take a load off your shoulders.
Communication & Relationships
The millennial parent's guide to tween lingo
Does anyone else feel like tween talk has reached a new level of incoherence? Even for us millennial parents who swear it wasn’t that long ago that we were ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ (yikes). So, we spoke to one of our Gen Z team members to break down modern-day tween lingo for us. Take it away Marie.
School Age
Layer up your family for a warm and cosy winter with these essentials
Winter hasn’t even begun and you’re already finding yourself curled under the blankets, unable to escape the cold, and losing all hope in the feeling of warmth. Because even a slight drop in temperature here in Australia feels like we need to pull out the heaters.
High-tech beauty products to make you look and feel your best
When your days and nights are reserved for taking care of your adorable but oh-so-intense kids, it can be hard to maintain a regular self-care routine. And it’s easy to wonder - who’s taking care of you? Unfortunately, that's your job too.

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