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Julia Smith

Julia is a Sydney born-and-raised mum of three girls. With over twenty years in the media industry, including four years with parenting publishers, she’s passionate about creating entertaining content that connects with parents.

When she’s not working or parenting, you’ll find her binge watching TV and revenge-procrastinating about bedtime… or nerding out at gigs with her husband.

Articles written by Julia
Labour & Birth
When I first found out that I was pregnant and began considering my options for delivery, my instinct was to book in with an Obstetrician of my choosing.
For years, my best mum-friends have been trying to convince me to go camping with them. They’re big-time campers, who are already kitted out with special gear and well-rehearsed planning schedules to go with it.
Baby Names
After a long hot summer, the first sign of a cool day sends us diving for the tracksuits and hoodies. Families dig out the fire pits and bunker down for the cooler months. 
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