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Jen Dugard

Jen Dugard is the founder and creator of MumSafe™️ - the go-to website for mums to connect with personal trainers and exercise services that are certified and experienced and partner with women’s health physiotherapists so that you know you are in very safe hands.

Articles written by Jen
When our friends join the New Parent Club, it’s only natural to wonder how you can help them feel supported. You’re probably wondering what is the best way to support a new mum, or how do you make a new mum feel special. Even if you’re a parent yourself, it can be a minefield trying to cast your mind back to those newborn days and remember what you found beneficial (home-cooked...
Having a baby is one of those times in your life that is both beautiful and challenging.  For some, it can be the single hardest thing they have ever done and although mental health is being talked about more, there can still be a stigma attached and many women will suffer in silence.
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