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Chris Minogue

Chris is Australia's leading Mothercraft Nurse, with over 35 years experience working in both public and private hospitals.

Chris has worked with thousands of families globally, to support them through all aspects of parenting – from newborn through to toddler years.

Chris also specialises in twins, surrogacy and travel, and has worked with some of the biggest celebrities and personalities around the world, helping guide them through their early years as a new parent.

Articles written by Chris
During the first few years of your little one’s life, their awake windows will change as their sleep needs change. Knowing this is a real game-changer, trust us. Understanding how and when they should be sleeping, according to their age, can help you plan your days around their sleep schedule, and will also help their overall sleep at night. Putting your baby to bed before they are ready, or...
A day in newborn world is the whole 24 hrs. This will mean that sleeping and feeding will be around the clock during these early stages. Understanding your baby’s needs when it comes to sleep and awake times, is the key to settling them for sleep – especially as they get older.
A lot of people talk about the dreaded ‘sleep regression’ around the 3-4 month mark, however, you should think of this more as a change in your baby’s awareness and development. This is when you may notice that they start waking easily after a 45-minute sleep cycle and will have difficulty going back to sleep. During this time of change, your baby will need your support to help them...
Establishing a rhythm with feeding will take time, as you go through this new experience together. Whilst you may initiate breastfeeding from the beginning, this isn’t always possible for all. Whether you choose to breast, bottle or mix feed your little one, the most important thing is that they are being fed well and the technique you choose suits your families needs. Here are...
There are usually a lot of questions around the difference between resettling and self-settling methods. A lot of people will claim that it is unnatural and inhumane to leave your baby to cry, but this is often a misunderstanding with the expectations or interpretation of the techniques.
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