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Bella Heim

Bella is a mummy of three, writer, and photographer. She's not afraid to admit that she relies on a little red wine to keep the chaos of motherhood at bay. When she's not dodging toys and dirty diapers, you'll find her documenting the wild and wonderful ride of parenthood, and adding a splash of inspiration, creativity, and a healthy dose of mum humour along the way.

Articles written by Bella
Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Being a parent is a wild ride, but you don’t have to do it alone. With a co-pilot by your side, you can share in all the ups and downs of raising a little human (and the sleepless nights, of course). Co-parenting is all about teamwork, effective communication, and a little bit of humor to get you through the tough times. Don’t worry,...
“Oh, you’re so lucky to be able to stay home all day!” “I wish I could stay at home like you so I can sleep in.” “I’m so jealous that you can just play all day with the kids!”
Real Life
Our family of 5 is often associated with the words crazy, spontaneous, adventurous, and dare we say, downright nuts. We’ve got a non-stop yapping 8-year-old backseat driver, a toddler who thinks the car is their personal crumb-covered buffet, and a baby who’s still testing out their lungs (and my limits) like she is a didgeridoo. Yup, we’re the type of family that takes the phrase...
Let’s take a moment to raise our glasses and acknowledge that being a woman is bloody hard work! (yes, this pun is intended). The business of being female is tough – it’s like constantly trying to put a puzzle with missing pieces together and sometimes you don’t even know what the final image should look like! On top of endless nappy changes, navigating our way around a crazy...
Imagine your little one drifting off to sleep without a fuss, night after night. Imagine not having to spend hours trying to coax them into bed or dealing with middle-of-the-night wake-up calls. It all sounds wonderful, but too good to be true, right? As parents, we all know the feeling of extreme exhaustion and frustration that comes with trying to get our little sweethearts to fall asleep....
When my 23 month old, Charlie, first got sick, I never thought it would turn into something so serious. And before we knew it, he was in the hospital hooked up to all sorts of machines, fighting bacterial pneumonia. Having kids is like wearing our hearts on these little humans, and this heart felt like it was literally breaking. By the time he was admitted, one of his lungs was already blocked...
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