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icon-heartchances of a false-negative pregnancy test?
Pregnancy Symptoms

What are the chances of a false-negative pregnancy test?

Weeing on a pregnancy test is one hell of a ride. Waiting those ten minutes for the results can feel like a lifetime — and whatever you’re hoping for when you look at that test, it can make your heart skip a beat.  Depending on when you have taken the test, it’s common to return a false-negative pregnancy test. The main reason this happens is usually that you’ve taken the test too early in your...

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icon-heartheadache during pregnancy
Self Care

How to treat a headache during pregnancy?

Ahh pregnancy. Say hello to swollen breasts, all-day nausea (seriously, whoever called it morning sickness was a liar!), and suddenly wondering whether or not it’s safe to take medication if you have a headache.  For many pregnant mamas, the change in hormones can trigger headaches, which can be a tricky issue to manage, along with all the other weird and wonderful things going on in the body.  Yep, growing life for nine months is no...

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icon-heartbeauty products to use during pregnancy
Self Care

What beauty products can you use when pregnant?

From the moment you first see those two double lines on a pregnancy test, your natural instinct kicks in to protect your growing baby.  During your pregnancy, you’re acutely aware of everything you’re putting in and on your body — from food to beauty products, you probably find yourself studying the labels with intense vigour and you’re more than happy to make beauty product swaps for more natural options with no nasties. Protecting your baby...

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icon-heartsigns and symptoms of miscarriage
Your Bump

5 signs and symptoms of miscarriage

Trigger warning: This post deals with sensitive subjects such as miscarriage and pregnancy loss. If you or someone you know has been impacted by issues raised in this story, help is always available. Please call the SANDS 24 hour support line on 1300 072 637 or visit their website here. Trying to have a baby can be an anxious time. Between figuring out when your ovulation window is, hoping your partner’s sperm count will be...

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icon-heartcord blood banking
Preparing for birth

What is cord blood banking?

Preparing to give birth can be a daunting time. But for many parents to be, researching all of their options and being armed with the right information can be an empowering strategy to help calm any nerves.  One option your obstetrician or midwife may discuss with you is whether or not you’d like to bank your baby’s cord blood when they are born. If you’re scratching your head and wondering what on earth this means,...

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