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icon-heartSo, what can you eat during pregnancy?what can you eat in pregnancy

So, what can you eat during pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time, especially when it comes to understanding what you can and can’t eat. It can feel like information overload as you navigate this incredible journey, and many find it difficult to access credible advice easily.  Most of the information available for aspiring or current mums is focused on what you can’t eat, and while important to be aware of, this approach to pregnancy nutrition can lead to a restrictive mindset....

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icon-heartDo Breasts Hurt During Ovulation?Do breasts hurt during ovulation

Pregnancy Symptoms

Do Breasts Hurt During Ovulation?

Your body is a magnificent thing, and understanding the mechanics of what happens during your cycle can help you prepare for some of the more uncomfortable symptoms, such as swollen breasts during ovulation. Similarly, if you’re trying to get pregnant and looking for indications or symptoms of ovulation, sore breasts are frequently one of them. Yep, on top of the menstrual cramps women feel during their period, some women also have to endure sore and tender breasts during ovulation. If you’ve noticed...

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icon-heartHow do you get rid of round ligament pain during pregnancy?Round ligament pain during pregnancy

Pregnancy Symptoms

How do you get rid of round ligament pain during pregnancy?

There are so many wonderful things expecting parents should be excited about in pregnancy, the obvious being that you are nurturing and growing your little forever bestie inside you… But there can also be many things that come with pregnancy that are less than joyful, one of which is if you experience round ligament pain during pregnancy – a common complaint for many women. As your uterus expands to support your growing baby, your ligaments...

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icon-heartIs it go time?! Signs that labour is 24-48 hours awaylabour

Is it go time?! Signs that labour is 24-48 hours away

As an expectant mother approaches their due date, every little sensation can be cause for excitement and even a bit of anxiety. While your little one will have an expected due date, we all know that babies will typically come when they are good and ready. So, will today be the day? Or perhaps tomorrow? Were those true labour contractions? Or Braxton Hicks contractions? Will my water break like in the movies? How will I...

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icon-heartBaby essentials: The ultimate checklist of must-havesBaby essentials checklist

Baby essentials: The ultimate checklist of must-haves

As your little one’s arrival draws closer, there’s a lot going on. For starters, you get hit with all the feels in anticipation of meeting your baby. From excitement to nerves and a fair bit of what-iffing, your heart hasn’t found time to wind down. Then there’s all the love and attention you get showered with from friends and family, which though very thoughtful, can easily become overwhelming. And alongside all that, you’ve started imagining...

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