Baby crawling styles – which one is yours? 


Crawling is one of the most obvious signs your baby is growing up, and it’s exciting they can finally move with some independence. Before you had your baby, you might not have realised all the different types of crawling styles your baby will do.

We’ve broken it down to a few styles you might see your baby use whilst they’re trying to move. 

The classic 

The classic crawl is what you might have imagined your baby doing. The baby is able to balance their weight on their hands and knees and shuffle forward by moving in a crisscross motion(opposite hands to knees), much like how you would crawl yourself. 

The commando 

This type of crawl is also known as the belly crawl because your baby will use their belly to maneuver themselves (much like a soldier). By having their belly on the ground, they use their feet and arms to move forward. 


The backwards crawl can often be the way your baby first starts to move. They are usually lying on the back and pushing their feet off the ground to shuffle back. This crawl usually doesn’t last or can turn into the crab crawl, which is when they waddle to the side. 

Bear crawl

The bear crawl is very similar to the classic crawl; the only difference is that your baby’s elbows and knees are straight, which puts the balance onto their hands and feet. This makes their backs arch as they use the sides of their feet to propel themselves forward. 


You may find yourself with a rolling baby; this is when your baby rolls to move. They usually use their arms to roll themselves, and their heads are sometimes elevated. 

The bottom shuffle

The bottom crawler gives rest to their feet and legs. Their hands are the main powers of movement as they use them to slide and drag their bottom around. 

One-legged crawl

The one-legged crawl is similar to the bottom crawl, instead of using no legs, your baby uses one leg and both their hands to drag themselves around. 

If you’re feeling nervous about a crawl, consult your pediatrician, and they can give you some advice on what’s normal and not. But whatever style your baby decides works for them, celebrate because it’s one crawl closer to them learning how to walk! 

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