Learning through play with the LEGO®DUPLO® Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train

Emmy Samtani

Emmy Samtani

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Learning through play with the LEGO®DUPLO® Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train

The great thing about the LEGO® DUPLO® range is that there is a playset for every child developmental stage; before our little ones are able to master the more complex and intricate construction of the advanced LEGO DUPLO sets, they can get hands-on with big bricks and enter into the exciting world of imaginative play – and all its endless possibilities. Building with LEGO DUPLO bricks is also great for developing, strengthening and exercising fine motor skills in young children, at the same time providing them with fun and engaging construction challenges that lead to a sense of accomplishment.

LEGO DUPLO sets are a household staple for most families – many of us parents having played with it ourselves as little ones. And we know that toddlers and young children thrive through play. So, when toddlers and kids resist cooperating in those essential but menial tasks, such as washing their hair, brushing their teeth and getting dressed, the trick is to make them fun, creative – and stimulating!

The LEGO DUPLO Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train does just that with bath time. If the idea of bath time or hair washing in the bath – or both – is met with resistance by your child, then this set will surely turn that around.

More than just a rubber ducky or a squidgy bath toy, the LEGO DUPLO Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train set will bring your child’s imagination to life. Less tears, and more laughs.


This 14-piece set comes with:

  • 3 detachable floating rings – connect each ring with one another to make a train
  • 3 baby animals (hippo, duckling, polar bear) – that can sit on top of (attach to) the floating rings
  • Bucket perfect for scooping, pouring and splashing
  • The rain-making cloud (our favourite feature!)

This LEGO DUPLO set is ideal for toddlers and young children, playing solo or with siblings. The construction element of the set and the multiple components and characters provide a great opportunity for collaborative play. Children adore giving their toys names and personalities during play. With the 3 iconic animals in the set – hippo, duck and polar bear – and their floating rings, the stories your child can act out through play are endless.

The LEGO DUPLO Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train also provides a great opportunity for connection between parent and child.

Benefits that we love:

  • Fine motor skills – Through building and constructing with the big DUPLO bricks, your child will exercise their fine motor skills.
  • Learn through play – By inviting your child to actively engage with the world of these animals and their floating train (and rain!), your child will learn about construction, storytelling and collaboration through play.
  • Collaboration – Building a LEGO DUPLO story/world with a sibling, friend or parent during bath time strengthens collaborative skills.
  • Makes bath time fun – Some toddlers and kids go through periods of resistance to bath time and/or getting their hair washed in the bath. Engaging your child in play can help to ease this resistance.
  • Easy to clean – The tricky thing about most bath toys is that they grow mould. This is because of the moisture that gets trapped inside them. What’s great about the LEGO DUPLO Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train set is that each of the pieces detaches – including the rings – and can be cleaned, drained and dried.


When it comes to LEGO DUPLO, you can be sure that their products are:

  • Expertly designed: All LEGO DUPLO sets are expertly designed with imaginative features to encourage open-ended developmental play that parents can share in with their little ones.
  • Meet rigorous quality standards: Playsets satisfy rigorous industry quality standards to ensure they are easy for little fingers to pick up, place and pull apart – it’s been that way since 1969.
  • Safety first! Bricks and pieces are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analysed to make sure they meet demanding child safety standards.

Learning through play is at the core of the LEGO DUPLO brand. Backed by rigorous research into childhood development and the importance of play, LEGO DUPLO bricks are safe for toddlers from 18 months and provide hours of stimulating and rewarding learning through play.

This is a paid partnership between Kiindred and LEGO® DUPLO® LEGO, LEGO® DUPLO® and the Minifigure are trademarks of The LEGO Group. ©2021 The LEGO Group.

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