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Medela Swing Maxi Double Breast Pump

There are many reasons mothers may choose to express, such as returning to work, storing milk for when you can’t be with your baby or easing pain from engorgement. Some mums have to express...

There are many reasons mothers may choose to express, such as returning to work, storing milk for when you can’t be with your baby or easing pain from engorgement. Some mums have to express exclusively as their baby can’t breastfeed due to sickness or a health condition. Finding the right pump for you and your needs is the first step in starting your expressing journey.

The Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump (and the entire Medela range)  provide the extra tools you need in your arsenal, to make your feeding journey that little bit easier!

The Medela Swing Maxi is the perfect choice for a breast pump as it is a double pump that allows for up to 18% more milk in less time1. It’s very quiet and has 2-phase Expression technology which mimics your baby’s natural sucking rhythm – which helps your milk supply come in and allows you to just sit down for a minute and take some time for yourself while baby is sleeping. Some women find it helpful to look at pictures or videos of their baby to help bring in their milk, or you can put on your favourite show to help your mind relax.

The Swing Maxi has PersonalFit Flex breast shields, which makes expressing more comfortable and has been shown to get 11% more milk4. And when you’re engorged or struggling to get enough milk – it can really help to know you’re getting as much milk out as possible.

You can then freeze the excess milk in breast milk storage bags, or storage containers for when you’re going to be away from your baby or for an emergency.

By far one of our favourite features of the Swing Maxi is the battery life. The pump will last for up to 6 sessions on one full charge – which is really helpful as the last thing you want is to get all set up, ready to express and then realise it is out of battery. It also has a fast charge USB type C port, which charges much faster than a regular micro-USB port – so you can just plug in between every few uses and know you’re going to be good to go.

Plus it is easy to clean and assemble and is super simple to use – which is very important because when you’re sleep-deprived, busy or exhausted (most likely all three in those early weeks…) you don’t want to be fiddling with something that is difficult to put together or use. It has 9 pre-programmed settings so you can just let it do its thing while being able to use your hands for other things (like scrolling Insta…).

Features we love:

  • Double pumping for up to 18% more milk in less time 1.
  • 2-Phase Expression™ technology mimics your baby’s natural sucking rhythm 2, 3.
  • PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield for increased comfort and 11% more milk 4. 2 sizes included.
  • Improved mobility: built-in rechargeable battery for up to 6 pumping sessions on one full charge.
  • Faster charging with USB type C port, compared to micro-USB port.
  • Easy to use: 4-button intuitive interface and 9 pre-programmed settings.
  • Easy to assemble and clean thanks to few parts.
  • Noticeably quieter compared to the previous generation, only 45 dB at the Maximum Vacuum Level.
  • Closed system prevents breast milk from entering the tubing.

This is a paid partnership between Kiindred x Medela.

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Medela is a brand mums have trusted to support them through their breastfeeding journeys for over 60 years through their range of breast milk feeding products, medical healing technologies and baby care solutions.

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