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This simple tip will take your tween’s sleepover to the next level



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Created on Oct 30, 2023 · 3 mins read

If there’s one thing tweens love, it’s a sleepover. These overnight parties have withstood the test of time – even if they look a little different to how they once did (thanks, social media).

Sleepovers can be taxing on parents, for sure, but they are such an important part of developing a tweens social, emotional, and cognitive skills. They can also provide tweens with an opportunity to socialise with their peers in a more relaxed and informal setting which helps to build friendships, and teaches them how to navigate social situations.

While popcorn and movies will always be a surefire hit at a sleepover, there are ways to really take the fun up a notch and have your child’s friends begging to come back the following weekend!

For your tween’s next sleepover why not make a mini spa night out of it? The kids can all bring their favourite pj’s and robes, and you can even set up a little jug of water with fresh lemon and lime – just like at a real day spa! Try adding some drops of lavender to an oil burner to give that relaxing spa aroma (and, as a bonus: promote a good night’s sleep!).

Once everyone is all comfy and set up, it’s time to get pampered! First up – manicures and pedicures!

The GO GLAM U-nique Nail Salon from Cool Maker is an at-home nail design kit that lets you stamp and style your nails any way you want, with everything that is needed to design up to 250 nails of any size.  Kids can even stamp custom messages like their name, or their besties name, using the letter design pod.

Next up, it’s temporary tattoo time! The Cool Maker Shimmer Me Body Art Studio has everything needed to customise fun body art, so tweens can spend hours of fun mixing and matching different styles of body art, their way.


The kit contains four metallic foil cartridges, two colours of glitter, a glitter brush, gems, a roller and 180 double-sided sticker designs and is perfect for kids aged 8 and up who are looking for ways to show off their blossoming personalities. It’s also super easy to use and all designs are skin safe and easily removed.

Now that we’ve got our nails looking fab and some shimmery tattoos to show off, let’s burn some energy with a little loungeroom disco!

Once your kiddos have danced up a storm, it’s back to the fun spa related activities. You could try making your own bath salts or bath bombs or even having a fun competition to see who can give their friend the wackiest hairstyle (because they are still kids, afterall!). You could also make simple face masks – such as this one and then have them pop cucumber slices over their eyes for ten minutes of relaxation or mindfulness time (this, really is a great excuse for you to have ten minutes to yourself because sleepovers can be a lot!).

After all of the fun, what better way to wind down for the night of sleep than with a good old fashioned movie?

With any luck, your tween and their friends (and you) will drift off easily for a great night of sleep feeling thoroughly refreshed and relaxed!

This is a paid partnership between Kiindred and Cool Maker.

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