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The 10 best baby monitors in 2024 for Australia

Lyndsey Rodrigues

Lyndsey Rodrigues

Lyndsey Rodrigues has worked as a writer, producer, tv host and editor and is now serving as the Head of Content here at Kiindred. She has two sons - a human one named Kai and a fur one named Memphis...and she is thoroughly obsessed with them both. Before becoming a mum, Lyndsey spent over ten years living in New York City where her hobbies included live music, architecture,...
Created on Jan 22, 2024 · 14 mins read
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Of all of the items on your seemingly never-ending list of things to buy before you become a parent, a baby monitor is not only one of the pricier ones, but perhaps one that you debate if you’ll actually need.

While it is a matter of personal preference, having a good baby monitor can offer peace of mind, a bit of freedom – and plenty of cute visuals of your precious bub!

Of course, not all baby monitors are created equal – some have super high tech features and tap into the power of AI, while others are more straightforward and include basic functions. It really depends on what you are looking for, how you envision using it (and where – some baby monitors are great to take on holidays!) and what your budget is.

So, how are you to possibly decide which baby monitor is right for you? Well, that’s where we come in. We’ve put together a list of our top ten favourite baby monitors for all needs and budgets – so let’s get stuck into it.

Things to look for in a baby monitor

Before we get stuck into our list, there are a few things that are good to keep in mind when shopping for a monitor.

  • Video Capability: As the name implies, video monitors allow you to see your little one in their room. Look for one with a clear and sharp video feed, preferably in high definition.

  • Audio Quality: Good audio quality is a must for hearing your baby’s sounds and cries. Ensure that the monitor offers clear, interference-free audio.
  • Range: Consider the range of the monitor, especially if you have a larger home. A longer range allows you to move around without losing the connection.
  • Night Vision: To monitor your baby in low light or darkness, night vision is a really ideal feature for video monitors.
  • Temperature Sensor: A built-in temperature sensor helps you keep an eye on the nursery’s temperature to ensure your baby is comfortable. While this feature is a nice-to-have rather than a “must-have”, it’s made this list because of the proven link between optimal room temperature and good baby sleep.

The top ten baby monitors in Australia

1. The CuboAi Smart Baby Monitor

When it comes to exceptional baby monitors, the CuboAi Smart Baby Monitor is basically the Rolls Royce. This top of the range monitor, which connects seamlessly with the app on your iPhone or Android, is packed with features that are designed to make parents’ lives easier and give them optimal peace of mind.

First up, the monitor features HD day and night image quality so you can always see your little one perfectly, and provides Covered Face and Rollover Alerts so that you can always be assured bub is safe.

The unit also allows you to see the temperature and humidity levels in the room so that you can adjust for optimal sleeping conditions, and tells you when your baby cries so you know when you need to go in and provide comfort.

Another feature we love from the CuboAi Smart Baby Monitor is Danger Zone Detection — perfect for when your baby becomes a toddler! This feature enables you to set the parameters of an off-limits area and your app will alert you if your child is somewhere they shouldn’t be.

Features we love:

  • White noise and lullabies
  • Ability to talk through the monitor to soothe your little one
  • Multiple options for stand setup makes it ideal for travel
  • Cute and chic design
  • Ability to link to multiple accounts through the app so other family members can check in
  • 18-Hour Video Playback with Event Tags
  • Auto Photo Capture and Moments Wall
  • Can be paired with CuboAi Sleep Sensor Pad to monitor your baby’s breathing motion

If you’re in the market for a top-of-the-range monitor, look no further than the CuboAi Smart Baby Monitor.

Follow the links for more information and to buy.


2. eufy Baby 2K Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

With its 330° pan, 110° tilt, and 4x zoom capabilities, the 2K high-resolution camera on this eufy baby monitor allows you to monitor your child in crystal clear detail. This simple unit features non-invasive infrared night vision so you can check in on your baby while they are sleeping without having to get out of bed yourself but, more importantly, without disturbing your little ones slumbe.

Another great feature of the eufy 2K Wi-Fi Baby Monitor is that it comes with sound and room temperature detection so you can not only ensure your child’s room is the perfect sleeping environment but you can be alerted to any big changes in the room – such as excessive noise like crying.

To be able monitor your baby, no matter where you are in the house (or even if you’re out but want that extra peace of mind) you connect the monitor to the app on your phone which also allows you to talk to them in real time.

The eufy Baby 2K Wi-Fi Monitor can also be paired with the eufy Baby S340 Smart Sock (for babies 0-18 months) which provides a full picture of your baby’s wellness – from naps to heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

Features we love:

  • Easy to use for travel
  • Affordable price


3. Owlet Cam 2

The Owlet Cam 2 lets you stream HD video with night vision to your phone so you always feel like you are right there with your bub, no matter where you are. This monitor also lets you watch and save video clips from sound, motion and cry notifications, which helps you to better understand your baby’s cues.

The Owlet Cam 2 features a 130 degree wide angle view so you can see what is happening in your child’s room, while the temperature and humidity tracking can make it so much easier to ensure the room is optimised for sleep (which means more sleep for you!).

Like many modern baby monitors, the Owlet Cam 2 works in conjunction with an app which plays the sounds from your baby’s room as background audio while you’re using your phone for other purposes.

The Owlet Cam 2 can also be used with the Owlet Smart Sock which tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen while they sleep and notifies you if they need to be checked on.

Features we love:

  • Multiple ways to mount the camera
  • Two colours to choose from (white and sleepy sage)
  • Free shipping (from official website)
  • 30 night peace of mind guarantee (from official website)



4. Lollipop Smart Baby Camera & Monitor

Playfully designed yet super effective, the Lollipop Smart Baby Camera & Monitor provides a live view of your baby that can be streamed to your phone or tablet, a built in speaker with a sound machine so you can play white noise to help drown out background sounds that could wake your child, a 128 degree view and 720p HD.

The Lollipop offers all-in-one detection which sends you notifications when your baby cries (or makes other loud noises) or climbs around in the crib so you can always be sure they are safe and comfortable. The unit also features infrared night vision so you can see your baby even in the pitch dark.

If you’ve got other family members – such as grandparents – who might need to access the live camera view (or who just want to access it for the cuteness factor) you can invite friends and family to take a peek with a link to the Lollipop’s live camera view, or send a link to a pre-recorded video of a specific event.

There’s also an event list, where the Lollipop saves a 30-second video of significant events such as crying or environmental alerts which means if anything unusual happens, you can go back and review.

A unique feature of the Lollipop is the bendable leg which makes it super easy to mount by either wrapping it around the crib, stand on any surface or used on its included wall mount.

Features we love:

  • Eco-aware product – made from premium non-toxic silicone
  • Playful, unique aesthetic and comes in three different colours (turquoise, pistachio and cotton candy)
  • Use the data history to help better understand your baby’s habits and needs


5. Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor

The Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor features a 190 degree horizontal pan, 80 degree tilt and 120 degree field of vision – all courtesy of it’s HD camera that comes complete with night vision.

With the built-in speaker and the 2-way audio feature, you can talk to your baby if they need soothing while also providing pink noise, personalised recordings, and pre-programmed lullabies to calm and relax your little one.

The monitor unit is built with two intelligent microphones in order to not only detect the sounds in your child’s room but to distinguish which ones are background and which ones are from your baby, so you know exactly when they need you.

In addition to the temperature and humidity sensors that tell you if your child’s room needs adjusting, the Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Baby Monitor also features light sensors so it can accurately detect if the room is too light (something that can disrupt that precious slumber for babies – which means interrupted slumber for you too).

A point of difference with this unit is that, in addition to being used in conjunction with an app which gives you audio and the colour video from your baby’s room, it also connects to a wireless and rechargeable parent pod which notifies you of changes in baby’s sleeping environment through audio and coloured lights.

Features we love:

  • Baby cries are tracked on a timeline next to potential disturbances, so you know how to adapt baby’s environment for better sleep
  • Parent pod allows “offline mode” as a sound monitor so you can have some peace of mind even when offline
  • 3 x digital pinch zoom



6. Oricom Smart HD Dual Camera with Motorised Pan-Tilt

Oricom’s new dual camera baby monitor features dual lenses for standard and wide-angle viewing, from the same device – which means you can see more of your child’s room. Even better, you watch both angles simultaneously on your smart device when you pair the monitor with the FREE HubbleClub for Partners app.

Like all of the monitors included so far on this list, the Dual Camera offers pristine infrared night vision which allows parents crystal clear monitoring, even in total darkness and comes with an array of preloaded lullabies and soothing sounds to help your baby sleep better.

A key feature of the Oricom Smart HD Dual Camera with Motorised Pan-Tilt is motion tracking – with the bottom camera designed to automatically follow movement in the room.

This monitor works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and can help parents nail their baby’s sleep routine through tracking their resting and waking patterns.

When used in conjunction with with the Hubble Club App, this monitor also enable parents to create personalised audio recordings for their littles ones and gives them access to a feeding tracker, along with a variety of other features.

Features we love: 

  • Motorised pan/tilt and zoom
  • Temperature sensor
  • 2 year warranty



7. Bubcam Baby Monitor

This monitor is a little different to the ones we’ve mentioned so far in that it’s “internet free” (a novel idea in today’s world!). But don’t be mistaken, this unit is still packed full of features that parents love such as unparalleled monitoring with Bubcam’s 360° Rotation, 65° Tilt, and 110° Camera Angle.

Bubcam offers a 300m range so you can keep an eye on your kiddo from anywhere in your home and includes a two-way audio feature that allows you to connect and interact with your baby with ease. An additional feature is the optional voice activation function with three different sensitivity levels – this menas the baby monitor turns on only when your baby’s voice is detected.

Parents can connect up to 4 cameras and watch multiple areas simultaneously, providing comprehensive coverage and peace of mind and the camera can be mounted in two different ways (flexible moutn which easily attaches to various objects or the secure wall mount).

Because Bubcam doesn’t need an internet connection (instead running on it’s own encrypted network) it means you have extra peace of mind knowing that only you can access the feed.

And, like the other monitors we’ve mentioned, Bubcam offers night vision, room temperature monitoring and built-in lullabies.

Features we love:

  • Aussie owned and operated, family-owned business
  • Affordable
  • 360 degree camera rotation



8. Nanit Pro Camera and Flex Stand  

Parents can see their baby’s cot in perfect clarity from above with the new 1080p Nanit Pro Camera. This monitor easily snaps into the Nanit Multi-Stand to allow you to bring Nanit to the next room or take it on-the-go. Nanit remembers up to 10 Wi-Fi networks and reconnects in seconds once you’re back home.

No subscription is necessary to use this monitor as Nanit users can access live view from anywhere. Parents or carers (up to two users) also have access to real-time sound and motion notifications, background audio, temperature & humidity, two-way audio, white noise and nature sounds.

This Nanit monitor also features a built-in nightlight to make those late night feeds and nappy changes a little easier to navigate.

The Nanit Pro comes with a Breathing Band (for 0-3 months) which can help parents feel even more at ease about the safety of their newborn. The breathing band monitors their breathing motion and alerts you the second you’re needed.

Features we love:

  • Two-factor authentication and 256 bit encryption for exceptional security
  • Sleek design



9. Maxi Cosi See Baby Monitor

The Maxi Cosi See Baby Monitor features a modern and functional design, 1090p HD camera and a remote pan, tilt and zoom adjustment to give you clear, wide angle viewing of your child’s room.

With motion and sound detection and room temperature and humidity alerts, the Maxi Cosi See includes the features parents need most in order to feel assured their little one is safe.

The See baby monitor also includes a two-way talk function, built in white noise and lullabies and is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and the Connected Home App. This monitor is also great for travel thanks to it’s simple design that doesn’t require a wall mount or stand.

Overall, as a standalone monitor, the Maxi Cosi See doesn’t have anything particularly unique to offer – just all of the basic functions you’d want in a monitor and at an affordable price – but it can be purchased as part of the Connected Home Bundle which also includes the Soothe and Light Sound (which helps you personalise your baby’s sleep routines with soothing lights, sounds and sleep-inducing lullabies) and the Glow Cot Light (which features a smart motion detector that turns soft lights on when you approach the cot and can automatically dim when you leave the room.)

Features we love:

  • Stylish design
  • Easy to use


10. NANNIO Hero2 Video Baby Monitor

If you are on the hunt for a more humble baby monitor that still gets the job done but costs less and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, the NANNIO Hero 2 is a really solid choice.

You don’t need the internet to use this particular monitor which means your info is safe, but it also means there is no app or controlling the unit from your phone (so you have to move the camera manually). The unit can be used as an audio only monitor so you can still check in on your baby even when the LCD screen is off.

The parent unit can be switched into sleep mode and the camera can be set to sound detection mode so that the parent unit only switches on when your baby makes a sound (it also vibrates to make sure you hear it).

Like the other baby monitors in this list, it the Hero 2 has two-way talk function, a temperature sensor and a night light plus high quality video vision – making this an affordable option for parents who don’t want to compromise on features but also don’t want to break the bank.

Features we love:

  • Very affordable
  • 1000 ft range
  • Long battery life



The takeaway

As you’ve likely gathered, most modern baby monitors come with the key features of HD screens, two-way talking, built in lullabies and temperature sensors. Choosing the monitor that is right for you and your family will come down a combination of factors including budget, the features you value the most and the overall look of the unit.

Whether you opt for a simple audio monitor, a video monitor with all the latest bells and whistles, or a smart, connected device, it’s important to prioritise safety, reliability, and convenience. Ultimately, the perfect baby monitor is the one that brings you the most ease and peace of mind. But for our pick… we’re going with the CuboAi Smart Baby Monitor.

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