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Ready for an adventure? First stop: Patience!



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Created on Jan 22, 2024 · 4 mins read

It’s ironic, really, that the process of teaching our children about patience can often test our own. After all, patience can be a tricky concept to explain to a toddler (and some adults!) who doesn’t yet have the framework to understand what it’s all about and why it’s a valuable life skill to have.

There are, of course, little things you can do each day to teach kids about patience such as modelling it yourself (which, we know, can be a big ask sometimes) and using reflective listening to acknowledge when something is taking awhile and to praise your little one for waiting nicely.

You can also use timers for short waiting periods and let your child know that when the timer goes off, it will be their turn or time to move on to the next activity. Visual cues like these can be helpful to children in being able to understand the idea of patience while also giving them reassurance that they won’t be waiting forever (even though it may feel like it).

Another really effective way to teach toddlers about patience is through play – and this is where LEGO® DUPLO® comes in! Because everyday life is a big chance to learn and grow, LEGO DUPLO has developed new, engaging sets that allow children to find the fun in real life scenarios – like going on a bus ride!

The LEGO DUPLO Bus Ride is perfect for kids 2 years old and up and is full of features that help develop their motor skills and, of course, patience. The set comes with 2 children and a driver figure, a bus with detachable roof, a bench, traffic sign, clock tower and a buildable flower.

This colourful set lets toddlers imagine a trip to daycare with their best friends. The kids patiently wait for the bus on the toy bench at the stop, inspecting the yummy treats inside their lunch boxes. The little clock and schedule offers parents the opportunity for role play as they can act out being one of the passengers and waiting for the bus to pull up. As the bus approaches, the figures stand behind the fence, teaching preschoolers how to behave in traffic and then they can practise their fine motor skills as they open the roof of the school bus and place the figures inside. Another way to demonstrate patience could come from imagining that there is heavy traffic or a roadblock that forces the bus to stop and for the passengers to wait calmly to be able to continue on their journey. Like all LEGO DUPLO products, the Bus Ride puts open-ended fun, self-expression, and joyful exploration in the hands of young children.


So where is the bus off to next? It’s totally up to your child’s imagination! Perhaps the first stop is the playground courtesy of the LEGO DUPLO Dream Playground set which allows little learners to enjoy all of the fun of the park – minus the scraped knees! Here, you’ll find more opportunities to learn about patience as the little figures wait their turn to zoom down the slide or soar on the swing.


After a day of fun at the playground, maybe it’s time to head home to the LEGO DUPLO 3-in-1 Family House where plenty of fun activities – such as gardening and sorting recycling – await. Daily routines that include waiting times, such as waiting for meals or bedtime can help toddlers learn to anticipate and accept waiting periods which, in turn, fosters patience. The Family House is a great option here, as kids can play out family life, like bedtime routines and waiting for the Push&Go ‘electric’ toy car to charge in the garage.

After a good night of rest in the 3-in-1 Family House, kids can practise patience again as they wait for the bus to come and pick them back up, ready for another day full of fun and adventure! Where shall they head to next? There is no wrong answer, only chances for learning and growth.


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