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CUB Nappy Pants: Expert Review 2024



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Created on Apr 11, 2024 · 3 mins read
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There are both good bits and not-so-good bits to your baby becoming a toddler.

Seeing them explore, discover, and unearth their personality lifts your serotonin levels to unprecedented heights. But equally, the more wriggly and mobile they get, the more their nappy needs an upgrade. You’re also losing your patience with the unruly havoc that is nappy changes (and fair enough). 

Making the switch to nappy pants saves you and your kid plenty of hassle. Especially when you opt for the CUB nappy pants.

CUB Nappy pants in-depth review by Kiindred

Giving stretch, flex, and security, the CUB nappy pants are designed to hold back your child’s “business’ – not their development.

About CUB

The CUB range is exclusive to Coles and designed to support everyday parents so that they can focus on the stuff that matters. That’s why their nappy pants make change-time simpler and your child’s movement freer, without compromise. That’s the reassurance that CUB gives you. On top of nappies and baby wipes, the range also features tasty snacks and accessories. 

CUB Nappy pants: Product benefits 

Comfy fit
Kids love to move. From the first moment they stretch out their tiny arms, the need to crawl, climb, and chase the dog around, just keeps growing. Which is why the CUB nappy pants have a 360 degree stretchy waistband, making your kid’s every move comfy and flexible.

This is taken a step further with the contoured fit that ensures a snug shape your child can groove around in. Plus, the less gaps there are, the less likely leakage is. No complaints here!

Protective and secure
As much as you want your kid to have the freedom to move, you also want their nappy contents to stay as secure as possible.

The CUB nappy pants have comfort hold technology that alleviates sagging, so that everything inside stays inside. There are few things as uncomfortable (and unsightly) as a drooping nappy, so good thing CUB’s sorted it out. 

The triple elastic leg guards create an added layer of security and save-the-day moments. They ensure for less leakage, whilst still being flexible with your child’s endless motions. 

Gentle on skin
Children’s skin is far more sensitive than grown-ups, so it’s essential for the products they use to be gentle. The wrong nappy material can rub and irritate delicate skin, contributing to redness, inflammation, or even nappy rashes. CUB’s nappy pants have a super soft breathable cover that treats your little one’s skin with care. 

Simplified nappy changes
Anything that can make the chaos of nappy changes that bit easier is a win in our books.

These nappy pants can be pulled up and down your baby simply. There’s no need for an elaborate changing table setup – you can do it with your child standing, making out-and-about changes much easier. 

CUB Nappy pants: Specs and features

Here comes the nappy pants quick and dirty. The CUB pants offer:

  • 360 degree stretchy waistband 
  • Tear away sides 
  • Alleviates sagging with comfort hold technology
  • Easy standing nappy changes 
  • Triple elastic leg guards 
  • Super soft breathable cover 
  • Contoured fit

In conclusion: Why we love it

Physical freedom and flexibility is important for your kid’s developmental milestones. It supports them to sharpen their fine motor skills and flesh out their creativity with every wriggly adventure. The CUB nappy pants give the flexibility, comfort, and reliability you can be confident with. At an all too accessible price point, it truly has every family’s back. 

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