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Rubble & Crew Construction Toys: Expert Review 2024



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Created on Mar 11, 2024 · 5 mins read

Why is it that almost every kid is fascinated by tradies? Mirroring the pool cleaner with their own tiny net, crouching in the garden with a shovel, and thumping the garden gate with a plastic hammer.

Well, if you do have a budding builder that you’re trying to keep busy, the new Rubble & Crew toys are about to change your world. 

Including the beloved puppy characters from PAW Patrol’s spinoff show Rubble & Crew, each set promises adventurous building fun that captivates kids for hours. What more can a parent hope for? 

That’s why we’re giving you an expert review of everything these toys have in store. 

Rubble & Crew in-depth review by Kiindred

Whether your child is a total PAW Patrol fanatic, or they’re known for building entire high-rise cities with their blocks, these construction toys encourage hands-on roleplay they’ll love. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the endless fun and growth the Rubble & Crew sets have to offer, so let’s dig a bit deeper.

About Rubble & Crew

For many families, these characters need no introduction. They feature in the insanely popular PAW Patrol franchise, as well as their own Rubble & Crew TV show that you can catch on Amazon Prime, Paramount+, and as of late March 2024, Nickelodeon too! 

Rubble is an English Bulldog pup who helps out the PAW Patrol team on their missions with his construction talents. Whether that’s fixing up train tracks in the nick of time, or repairing damaged buildings. In his own show, we see Rubble and his posse of tradie pups working together and embarking on adventures to make their town a better place.

Why you should buy Rubble & Crew construction toys: Product Benefits

High quality, movable and working products 

What’s the point of a building toy that doesn’t actually build? Thankfully, the Rubble & Crew construction toys have working features that bring your child’s play to life. Whether they want to scoop, whirl, or wheel the toy around, these high quality toys are able to supply any impulse of the imagination. Grab bits and bobs with Charger’s Crane toy, which features a working crane and grabber, or pop some Kinetic Sand (sold separately) into the rotating drum of Mix’s Mixing Truck. Each of the toys have working wheels that can zoom to wherever adventure (and your child’s imagination) calls.

Action figures of beloved characters

The Rubble and Crew pups are an obsession in households worldwide, which is why these sets each come with an action figure of one of the characters. Your child might love the hearty, humorous, and always hungry bulldog Rubble, or resonate with Wheeler’s positivity and passion for keeping things spick and span (a parent can dream, right?). 

They can re-enact their favourite scenes from the show, or take the characters in an entirely new creative direction.

Fine motor skills development

From birth, your little one is strengthening what’s referred to as their ‘fine motor skills’, which are the finger and hand skills used for things like writing, tying shoelaces and opening up their lunchbox. By pulling, lifting, rotating, pushing, and scooping with the Rubble & Crew toys, kids are actively building their muscles and control. Which means while they’re engaging their imagination, they’re also deeping their motor development. 

Role-playing the real world 

When kids are able to mirror the world around them, they’re connecting some pretty important dots about how it all works. As they role-play different elements of construction with these toys, they can act out real life scenarios (or stuff they’ve seen on TV, like Rubble & Crew). Whilst they play, you have the opportunity to talk through how the crane works, what a bulldozer is, and all things that go inside a mixer. Even if it doesn’t all sink in, their mental logs can start moving and making links.

Rubble & Crew construction toys specs and features

Charger’s Crane

  • Crane toy: With authentic details, moving parts & working wheels, the crane truck brings storytelling to life. It features a rotatable and extendable crane with a working grabber.
  • Charger action figure: Kids can role play their favourite parts of the show or come up with new stories as they team up with construction pup Charger. 

Rubble’s Bulldozer

  • Bulldozer construction toy car: Packed with features like working tracks and a moveable drill & scoop, your little one can embark on all sorts of construction adventures. 
  • Collectable Rubble figure: This toy includes a collectible Rubble figure, wearing his signature construction uniform.

Wheeler’s Dump Truck

  • Dump truck toy: Moving parts, working wheels, and authentic details make this construction toy feel like the real thing (just a little smaller and heaps safer). 
  • Wheeler action figure: He’s the smiling pup who loves to clean up any construction scene, and now you can get your very own action figure of him – it’s Wheeler!

Mix’s Mixing Truck 

  • Cement mixer truck: This toy includes a rotatable mixing drum that tilts, and has a mini storage compartment.
  • Mix action figure: Known for her intelligence and sense of adventure, Mix is a bulldog and construction chemist – and her action figure will bring tons of fun to your kid’s play. 

In conclusion: Why we love it

If your child’s hero is in a hardhat next door, or they won’t stop raving about Rubble and his construction crew, these toys will give their playtime a whole new level of excitement. Made to be high quality and movable, they let your child’s imagination explore unhindered as they crank Charger’s crane, or scoop pebbles with Rubble’s bulldozer. It’s those elements of role-play and motor skill engagement that make these toys really enriching. Plus, your child gets to play with their favourite characters. That’s an entertainment guarantee.

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