Mighty preschoolers need mighty snacks to help them learn and play all day


As our preschoolers grow into independent foodies (who aren’t afraid to tell us what they do and don’t like) it’s vital that we provide them with healthy snacks as part of a wholesome diet to help fuel their learning, growth and of course, play!

Because when our kids are eating well, they’re able to learn, laugh and explore the world with no inhibitions or sugar-crash meltdowns.

The Mighty Bellies Preschooler Portions range has been specially designed for little kids who are on their way to becoming big kids, supporting their transition from baby to toddler and beyond. Because the foundations of healthy eating we establish now will help your little one throughout their entire life.

Their range of no-nonsense snacks that you can trust and kids will love is the perfect addition to a healthy, wholesome diet. 

The range introduces more grown-up flavours that kids will love – without any nasties you’ll find in other snacks. They are:

  • Sensible: Made with more of the good things.
  • Delicious: More grown-up flavours that little kids will love.
  • Simple and transparent: Consciously made with no hidden ingredients.
  • Inclusive: Caters for a range of dietary requirements.

We love: 

  • The BBQ Puffcorn is blended with veg and spices with no added sugar or salt resulting in a delicious tangy BBQ flavour.
  • The Brown Rice crispy bars come in cocoa and vanilla flavours – are free from gluten, dairy, soy, peanut and egg – and are crispy, chewy and delicious.

Little Bellies was created by two dads (with seven kids between them!) on a mission to find healthy, wholesome snacks for children free from artificial additives, genetically modified ingredients and unnecessary salt and sugar. They are passionate about providing healthy and delicious foods through all stages of your child’s development.

Available in the baby and toddler aisle, the Mighty Bellies range of preschooler snacks is the secret weapon all parents need in the pantry that they can trust – and the kids will love.

This is a paid partnership between Kiindred x Mighty Bellies.

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