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Take your family on a big, little adventure with Discovery Parks

Jessica Bosco

Jessica Bosco

Jessica is a writer, editor and professional wrangler of two boys. Working in women's lifestyle publishing for over 15 years she has written about everything from fashion and beauty to royal weddings and true crime. These days she loves helping parents navigate pregnancy and the early years of raising little ones...
Created on Oct 23, 2023 · 5 mins read
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The past few years have definitely disrupted a looooot of our plans (thanks Covid!) – and this is certainly true when it comes to family holidays. But now that things have opened up again and we are returning to this new normal –  it is a great chance to catch up on that family holiday goodness you may have been missing.

We all have those few amazing family holidays that we can remember from when we were kids – whether it was getting to stay up late and watch the stars, singing songs and playing I-spy in the car on a road trip, or having sandcastle building competitions on the beach (always followed by ice cream, of course). And now that we’re parents ourselves, it dawns on you that it is now your turn to create these memorable moments and experiences for your kids.

So when we had the opportunity to visit Discovery Parks – Dubbo, we were super excited to get out of town, get away and spend some good old-fashioned QT together.


A huge perk of Discovery Parks is just how many locations they have around Australia. Because while some of us are ready to dive headfirst into a 10+ hour flight with kids – for others, even just the thought of it triggers our fight or flight response.

With 15+ parks in NSW alone, and many more Australia-wide, Discovery Parks is a great choice for a holiday with little ones as you can choose to go as close, or as far from home as you’d like. Or why stop at one, they’re perfect to hop between as part of one epic long road trip!

The great thing about road trips is that the drive itself becomes an integral part of the holiday – games in the car, family sing-alongs and dedicated car-trip snacks,  and finding great places to stop for lunch and stretching those little legs along the way.

Bringing the fun 

One thing we noticed about Discovery Parks, while it is central to so many cool spots around Dubbo, there were also so many fun things for the kids to do in the Park that you really don’t need to leave if you don’t want to. Our kids’ big winners were definitely the giant jumping pillow and the waterpark – but there was also a great playground, other swimming pools, riding bikes and scooters and even go-karts for the older ones.


Proximity to attractions 

We loved where the park was located #breatheinthatfreshcountryair – it was also really close to a number of must-see places around Dubbo like the observatory and of course, the iconic Taronga Western Plains Zoo. While we were there, we visited the zoo where the kids had an absolute ball, but it was also nice knowing that Discovery Parks was there waiting for us less than a 5-minute drive when the kids were tired and over a big day out. Which as we know, is inevitable!


Accommodation & comfort 

Speaking of kids being tired and over it…. Holidays can be a bit of an overstimulating experience for everyone, but especially for our kids. That’s why the accommodation at Discovery Parks was a huge win – the kids could go out and adventure all day, but we also knew there was somewhere warm, dry and cosy waiting for us back at the cabins. Plus, if we noticed them getting a bit tired or cranky, it was nice to have a bit of a hub with snacks and everything you need just for that 30 min reset.

Our cabin also had a great deck where we could enjoy our meals – and the kids also loved sitting there doing some colouring in! The cabins were also furnished nicely, especially the living room which was a big plus for staying up and watching movies or just flopping onto the lounge to scroll through some Instagram after the kids went to bed.

Whatever your budget or accommodation preferences Discovery Parks have you covered. We stayed in the Deluxe 2 and 3-bedroom cabins however they have everything from camp and caravan sites and Safari tents – which we think might be on our list to try out next time!

Nature & the outdoors

We live in the city – so whilst our kids get a lot of time in the backyard, or at the beach or the park – it isn’t often they get the opportunity to just run around and be carefree in nature. Something we really enjoyed about Discovery Parks – Dubbo was just how it allowed our kids to run around, connect with nature and breathe in some of that good fresh country air!


Time for connection 

And of course – the absolute best bit was the time it gave us for connection as a family. We really enjoyed how being at Discovery Parks kind of gave your days that flexibility – we didn’t need to worry about rushing off anywhere, or fitting too many things in, so we could just switch off from our busy lives and focus on just being together.

By far one of our favourite moments was looking at the stars and the moon (those crystal clear nights you just don’t get in the city)  with the kids – it was really fun to let them stay up just that little bit later and see their excitement of going out with the head torches.

Our time at Discovery Parks was a chance to escape the city and escape our busy schedules for a little bit. Time together to really focus on what’s important, time for some much-needed relaxation and making some precious memories as a family.

This is a paid partnership between Kiindred x Discovery Parks.

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