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8 reasons the Kia Sportage is the perfect family car



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Created on Oct 23, 2023 · 5 mins read

It’s no easy task being a family car. They come with a long list of demands from being safe, to being practical, economical, big enough to fit the car seat/s and of course, ample boot space to fit ALL the things. Then not to mention they need to be durable to endure sticky fingers, muddy feet, nappy changes and hours upon hours of Bluey.

So finding the perfect car that ticks all the boxes – as well as maybe even being stylish and something you feel good driving in too would be nice.

Well, we recently had the pleasure of taking the all-new Kia Sportage for a spin with our little backseat drivers in tow and it’s safe to say it passed every challenge we threw at it – and even some we didn’t!

So here are 8 reasons we loved the car, and as fellow wranglers of little ones, we know you will too…

1. Hands-free boot opening

Who knew something so simple could be so life-changing! When you’ve got your hands full of groceries or a screaming toddler on your hip, not having to scramble to find the keys in the bottom of your bag is everything. Just stand next to the rear tailgate for 3 seconds and Viola! Your boot madam…

2. Speaking of the boot…

Boot space is a big bone of contention for families – too often you’ll fit a pram in (just) and have next to no space for anything else. But we were really impressed with the size of the boot and just how much we could actually fit in there – scooters, bikes, helmets, soccer ball, barbie’s caravan… you name it – we fit it!

There’s even a sneaky little concealed storage space under the main boot which lets you hide away anything else you need to fit – or would be perfect for hiding presents from prying little eyes…


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3. The remote smart parking assist*

Ok, this one is pretty cool – and kind of mind-blowing. But basically, the Remote Smart Parking Assist system is integrated with your smart key and it can start the car remotely and you can move the car backwards and forwards. What will they think of next? This one is a game-changer for those times where you’ve parked next to a pole and can’t get the kid’s door open. Or if someone has parked you in and you can’t get to the boot.

But don’t worry there is an emergency brake that is applied when the system detects any objects in its way.

*Only available in Diesel GT-Line grade.  

4. USB charging ports – in the back!

Because let’s face it, the kids are the ones churning through the battery on their devices while we’re driving. So it makes so much sense to have added USB charging ports in the back. No more tears over flat batteries – theirs or ours!

5. 360-degree views of the entire car

No more he said-she said over who dumped their bike behind the car – the proof is in the 360-degree view monitor! Genius. But also just really helpful – and an added safety bonus too which we love.


6. So many safety features!

We absolutely love to see how far new cars have come in terms of safety so we know our little ones are protected whenever we hit the road. So the fact that this has so many features to keep you and your family extra safe is a big tick for us.

Special shoutouts go to the:

  • Blind Spot View Monitor
  • Park Collision-Avoidance Assist
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking

7. Activate quiet mode!

This is something I say around the house all the time – to no avail! But in the Sportage – it’s an actual thing! Quiet mode enables the radio/media to only play in the front seats and also limits how loud the volume can go.

8. Kid’s eye view

Kids love looking out the windows and being able to see all the cars and trucks flying by or spotting dogs walking on the footpath or the waves crashing at the beach. The Sportage windows have a lower line which lets little eyes see out easier. Because happy and occupied kids = happy mum and dad.

The windows can also be powered up and down from your smart key. So if you forgot to put them up – or you want to cool the car down before you get in, you can do that simply using your key.

The best of the rest…

Here are some of the other things that stood out to us about the Sportage:

  • They have nature sounds (such as rain or a crackling fire) included in the built-in media so you’ve got your very own white noise machine ready to lull your little one off to sleep.
  • Rear Window Disabling – no more rogue teddies being hurled from the back windows, simply lock them and do an evil laugh from the front seat.
  • Extended Leg Room in Rear Seats – great as they grow but also great because their little legs won’t be able to reach the front seats to kick and leave dirty footprints on. Double win.
  • Baby Shark will really pop on your Harman Kardon® Premium Surround Sound System – it delivers a 320-watt acoustic experience, with Clari-Fi™ restoration technology.

When it comes to choosing a family car the decision can often come down to those top priorities like safety, budget and of course, what’s under the hood. But what makes the Sportage different is that they’re made with families in mind. It’s all the small touches that make it not only a car you feel safe to drive around your most precious cargo, but you know it’s got your back in this parenting game.

This is a paid partnership between Kiindred x Kia.

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