12 time-saving apps for parents that never slow down

Marie Stambe
Marie Stambe
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Created on May 24, 2024 · 12 mins read

Amidst the whirlwind of daily tasks and responsibilities that overwhelm a parent’s (rewarding but relentless) schedule - a shortcut comes in handy. Maybe it’s time to let technology take a load off your shoulders.

Find loopholes in your ‘work’ and adopt this simple, yet ever-so-effective, mantra: work smarter, not harder. And in today’s digital age, working smarter is a whole lot easier. 

Modern tech might not be advanced enough to babysit your kids (yet), but there’s still a lot it can help with. Whether that’s coordinating family schedules, delegating household tasks, or even tracking your baby’s feeding and sleeping patterns, there’s something out there to help every parent streamline their routine. 

These 12 apps are innovative solutions made with the parent in mind, allowing you to prioritise what truly matters – catching up on Netflix shows. Oh, and spending time with your kids.

Cozi Family Organizer

What is it?  I’m glad you asked. This app is like your personal assistant, but way cooler. Picture this: all your family’s schedules, activities, and appointments, neatly organised in one place. It stays with you at all times and fits into your back pocket! It’s got shared calendars, to-do lists, even a spot to plan meals. And get this, there’s even a journal to jot down those precious memories.

Why is it a game-changer? As if I haven’t already convinced you that you NEED this app. No stress, its positive appeal is astronomical. So let’s continue, shall we? Well, imagine no more frantic searches for lost appointment cards or last-minute grocery store runs. Cozi is giving you help with everything you hate about being responsible for little humans. It’s organised. Everything’s right there at your fingertips. So, you can spend less time stressing and more time making memories. It’s more than an app, it’s a digital best friend who’s always got your back!

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What is it? Winnie is like your mum-friend who knows all the best spots in town! It’s a parenting app that helps you discover family-friendly places, from parks and playgrounds to restaurants and activities. Plus, it’s not just a platform for sharing popular locations; it’s also a buzzing community where parents can share tips, seek advice, and connect with each other – a ‘mothers meeting’ app, if you will.

Why is it a game-changer? Say goodbye to endless Google searches of “Where to take my kids on a rainy day,” or, “Best activities for kids in Sydney.” With Winnie, you can stay in-the-know on all kid-friendly hangouts, activities, eateries, and much more. With Winnie, you have a treasure trove of family-friendly places right at your fingertips. It’s the equivalent of having a local insider guide wherever you go, making family outings a breeze and your life as a full-time parent a whole lot easier.

Only available on App Store

Privilege Points Chore Tracker

What is it? Are you tired of sounding like a broken record? Constantly screaming at your kids to come down and empty the dishwasher or put their clothes away? Give your vocal cords a much-deserved rest and meet your new chore coach: Privilege Points Chore Tracker! This app turns household chores into a fun game for kids – because let’s be honest, what kid wants to do chores? Through this app, parents can assign tasks, set rewards, and track progress.

Why is it a game-changer? Let’s face it, getting kids to do chores can feel like pulling teeth sometimes. But with Privilege Points Chore Tracker, it’s a whole different story. Suddenly, chores become exciting missions to complete, with rewards waiting at the finish line. It’s a win-win for parents and kids alike, making household chores a breeze and turning them into valuable life lessons to do with time management and responsibility from early on. Not to mention, it also removes some chores from parents’ to-do list.

Only available on App Store

Our Groceries Shopping List

What is it? Essentially, it’s a shopping list app that allows you to create and share grocery lists with your family members. But it doesn’t stop there; it also helps you manage your pantry inventory and organise recipes, making meal planning so much easier – great for the working gal!

Why is it a game-changer? Our Groceries Shopping List is your own personal shopper. Well not really, but it will make sure you’re not making 10 trips to Woolies because you forgot the Nutella your kids asked for three times already. So, no more forgotten grocery items or last-minute dashes to the store. With Our Groceries Shopping List, you can keep your shopping list organised and up-to-date, ensuring you never run out of essentials again. Plus, its recipe organisation feature makes meal planning a breeze, saving you time and reducing stress in the kitchen.

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What is it? Okay, this is a not-so sneaky plug. But it’s still an app you won’t regret. Kiindred is a pregnancy and parenting app designed to support expecting and new parents. It offers tools, trackers, and expert advice on pregnancy, baby development, and parenting routines. Key features include current circulating topics in the industry, personalised (and unique) content, as well as practical guidance to help you through simple routines of exercise, nutrition, and baby care. The Kiindred app has emerged into the market to make your life as a parent less overwhelming. Providing timely, relevant, and most importantly, easy-to-digest information and support, it is the perfect go-to when you just don’t know what to do!

Why is it a game-changer? The baby is screaming, the toddlers are running a muck, and you (in your ever-so ‘burnt out’ style) just don’t know how to end the chaos. When you need it most, the Kiindred app is at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. With its comprehensive resources and user-friendly design, as well as guides from a plethora of experts and experienced parents, Kiindred will change your life, helping you parent like a pro (or at least have the confidence of one). 

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What is it? So your tween has reached the age where going out with the parents is ‘so not cool’, but you’re finding it hard to let go of the reins when they want to spend a night out with friends. Well, who said you had to let go completely? Baby steps. Consider Life360 your personal digital guardian angel – a way to make sure your kids are safe without restricting their freedom. It’s a locator app that allows you to keep track of any active circle member’s whereabouts in real time. With features like location sharing, driving safety analysis, and emergency alerts, it’s your go-to tool for staying connected and ensuring everyone’s safety.

Why is it a game-changer? From coordinating schedules to ensuring everyone gets home safely, Life360 has your back. It takes the stress out of keeping track of your family members, giving you peace of mind knowing they’re safe and sound. So, no matter what your kids are doing, we’re leaving the 10 messages of “where are you?” in 2023, and using Life360 to stay up-to-date. So go ahead, let your kids spread their wings, and let’s put an end to obsessive helicopter parenting!

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What is it? Bibino is your trusty sidekick in the wild world of parenting. It’s a comprehensive baby-tracking app designed to help you monitor your little one’s daily activities and development milestones. From feeding and diaper changes to sleep patterns and growth charts, it’s your very own baby journal confined all into one app.

Why is it a game changer? Keeping track of your baby’s needs and progress can feel like a full-time job sometimes, and especially for first-time parents. The anxiety around doing things wrong, or missing something, is intense. But with Bibino, you can breathe, knowing everything is under control. You can easily monitor everything from feedings to sleep patterns. Plus, its sharing feature allows you to keep other caregivers in the loop, ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to your baby’s care – no soldier left behind!

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What is it? Headway is a micro-learning app for self-development in a fun and easy way. The app has summaries of over 1500+ books. The books cover a broad range of subjects, but also include parenting and child development.

Why is it a game-changer? For busy parents, finding the time to stop and read a book can be challenging. With the Headway book summary app, you can read or listen to summaries of the books instead – so you get all the benefits of the book, but in a fraction of the time required to read the whole thing. The titles primarily focus on personal and professional improvement and is a powerful tool for parents and anyone looking to enhance their productivity, foster healthy living habits and cultivate meaningful relationships. 

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What is it? Calling all parents of kids with dietary requirements – it’s a harder job to meal plan than you think! But it doesn’t have to be. Even if your kids can eat anything and everything, consider Mealime your personal chef and nutritionist rolled into one handy app, saving you time and brain power. It’s a meal planning and recipe app designed to simplify the process of planning and preparing meals for your family. With Mealime, you can quickly plan your family’s meals for the week, receive personalised meal recommendations based on your dietary preferences, and even create grocery lists for each recipe – it’s screaming convenience!

Why is it a game-changer? Gone are the days of staring blankly into the fridge wondering what to cook for dinner. Use Mealtime instead. You can choose from a variety of delicious recipes tailored to your family’s tastes and dietary needs, and then generate a grocery list with just a tap of your finger. Plus, Mealime even adjusts serving sizes to minimize food waste, ensuring that you’re not only saving time but also making the most out of your ingredients. 

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What is it? To put it plainly, InstaShop is like UberEats but for groceries. It’s a grocery delivery service that allows you to order groceries and household essentials online and have them delivered straight to your door. With InstaShop, you can shop from your favorite local stores through the app and schedule deliveries at your convenience. It’s perfect, perfect, perfect.

Why is it a game-changer? Say goodbye to crowded aisles, long checkout lines, and lugging heavy grocery bags. Not to mention, the screaming toddler in the front of the trolley, grabbing everything in reach. With InstaShop, grocery shopping becomes as easy as tapping a few buttons on your phone. Whether you’re a busy parent juggling work, kids, and everything in between, or just a typical homebody, InstaShop has you covered. It’s a lifesaver for busy parents who don’t have the time to make frequent trips to the grocery store (or the socially anxious parent) allowing you to spend less time running errands. So sit back, relax, and let InstaShop take care of the rest.

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What is it? Spriggy is like giving your kids a crash course in money management, with a sprinkle of fun on top. It’s a prepaid card and app designed to teach kids about responsible spending, saving, and budgeting, all while giving parents peace of mind and control over their kids’ finances.

Why is it a game-changer? Teaching kids about money can be a daunting task, but with Spriggy, it’s a fun and engaging learning experience – a subtle way of teaching your kids the necessities of life. Kids can earn money through chores or receive allowances from parents, then use their Spriggy card to make purchases online or in-store, under parental supervision. It goes hand-in-hand with the ChoreMonster app and prepares your kids for the real world, but they’ll just think it’s a game! And of course, MONEY – a particularly fascinating concept to children, especially those transitioning into their teen years. Parents can track their kids’ spending, set savings goals, and even lock and unlock the card remotely. With Spriggy, there’s no risk of overdrafts or debt, making it a safe and secure way for kids to learn about money management. That means no third-party collateral for you – phew. 

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What is it? Stocard is a magic wallet that declutters your physical one. It’s a digital wallet app, different from Apple wallet, as it allows you to store more than just credit cards. It’s a secure place for all your loyalty cards, rewards cards, and membership cards. Let’s celebrate the fact that you won’t be fumbling through your wallet or digging through your purse to find the right card, a truly honoured tradition (not). By downloading Stocard, everything you need is right at your fingertips, literally.

Why is it a game-changer? Bulging wallets and overstuffed keychains weighed down by loyalty cards are just not cute anymore. It’s all about minimalism. Simply scan your physical cards using your phone’s camera, and Stocard will create digital versions that you can easily access whenever you need them. Stocard also notifies you of any special offers or discounts available with your loyalty cards, so you never miss out on savings again. So, ditch the bulky bags and say hello to Stocard where you can digitalise all your cards and streamline your wallet in seconds. It’s easy, convenient, and means you can finally purchase that tiny Jacquemus ‘Le Chiquito leather tote bag’ that barely fits a phone and lip gloss.

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Wrapping it up

Parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. So if you can find your way of making life easier – even if it’s through the help of the robots coming after our jobs – then go for it without guilt. Hopefully, some of these apps can help have your back for those in-between tasks and to-do lists. 

After all, being a parent is tough enough – why not let technology lend a helping hand?


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