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Sweet dreams! Help your baby drift off to sleep with the Euky Bear all-in-one Sleep Aid



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Created on Oct 29, 2023 · 2 mins read
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As any parent will tell you, babies need loving care and guidance to help them master the art of sleeping. And there’s no denying that sleep is fundamental to our little ones’ growth and development – not to mention their mood!

Euky Bear has worked with leading field experts to create the ultimate all-in-one device with their Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid. It combines the benefits of light, sound and aromatherapy to help babies drift off to sleep more easily and settle through the night.


Red light sleep therapy supports the functioning of the body’s natural circadian rhythm or sleep cycle, which assists babies in falling asleep. The Euky Bear also comes with 8 rotating colours; white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink for different uses throughout the day.


The Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid has 4 sound features to choose from.

  • Pink noise is a soothing sound frequency found in nature that relaxes and calms as well
  • Heartbeat
  • Waterfall
  • Specially composed lullabies.

We love the gentle hum of the pink noise but you can try which one works best for you!


As well as the light and sound it also comes with an Aromatherapy humidifier which gently releases ultra-fine mist into the air without heat. Utilising this sensory association with sleep and settling — and combining it with the red light and some gentle pink noise can be a game-changer at bedtime.

The Sleepy Time essential oil blend made with lavender, sweet orange and chamomile will have the whole family feeling relaxed and ready to doze off.

Other features that we love:

  • Runs all night long (means no middle-of-the-night wake-ups to duck back in and switch it back on)
  • Cool to touch – safe for little ones!
  • Suitable for babies 0+ (aromatherapy oils are suitable over 3 months)
  • The range of calming and relaxing essential oils for a range of different needs

We know the importance of getting your baby set up on a consistent bedtime routine – so bath, bottle, book, bed – and of course introducing sleep cues. Sensory cues such as sound, light and aromatherapy can all help your little one know it’s time to wind down for sleep – and eventually learn to resettle themselves.

As with anything when it comes to baby sleep, they are all so different and what works for one might not work exactly the same for another. And there’s no such thing as a magic solution for sleep. But extensive research and expert input has helped Euky Bear create a product that can give parents that extra helping hand to navigate the tricky road that is baby sleep.

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