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Created on Oct 18, 2023 · 3 mins read

When setting up your nursery, one of the most important things on your list will (or should) be a baby monitor. Once upon a time they were often deemed non-essential, but many parents now realise the freedom and peace of mind that a baby monitor can provide!

Whether your baby’s room is on the other side of the house, or you just need some time to yourself downstairs while they nap during the day. Baby monitors give you options – and peace of mind.

There are so many options on the market these days and it can be quite overwhelming knowing where to start.

Watch as our resident Mothercraft Nurse, walks mama of two Sarah through each of the incredible features.

For us, the Cubo Ai stands out for us a few reasons.

The Cubo Ai is considered the next generation in baby monitors. Not only does it allow you to monitor your baby while they are sleeping but you can also live-stream footage to your phone, customise alerts including if their face is covered or they roll over. Then as they grow into cheeky toddlers you can set danger alerts, if they try and climbs out of the cot!

And not to mention the adorable bird design makes it look more like a feature of your nursery than a smart device!

Created in conjunction with a pediatrician, the Cubo AI monitor aims to empower parents by giving them peace of mind knowing their baby is not only sleeping safely but also getting quality ZZZs.

From the moment you bring your baby home, you worry about them, but the CUBO AI means you don’t have to hover over them every moment of the day (if you don’t want to, that is!) thanks to the face detection technology that will alter you if your baby’s nose or mouth has been covered.


When you little one starts to grow and roll, there is rollover detection that will alert you. Then as your baby grows into a cheeky toddler you can use the monitor around the house and set up danger alerts for near stairs or areas they shouldn’t be in.

The Cubo Ai will also automatically record sleep events, schedule sleep efficiently and rack overall sleep time and then deliver you a daily sleep report. This helps give you a good indication of how your baby is sleeping and helps you assess their sleep needs.

Features of the Cubo Ai we love include:

Ai Baby Safety Detection

• Covered Face, Rollover Detection
• Danger Zone Detection

HD Night Vision

• Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor
• 1080p HD + 135° Wide Angle Lens
• Auto Light Sensitivity Adjustment
• No Visible Red Light

Moments Capture

• Ai Auto Photo Capture (5-10/day)
• Auto updated Moments Wall
• Save photo & video from livestream
• Saved replays of notification Event

Sleep Monitoring and Soothing

• Sleep Analytics (free 1 day report)
• 18hr playback + event tag
• Built-in Lullabies

Thoughtful Additions

• Cry Detection
• Temperature & Humidity Detection
• Two-Way Audio
• Night Light
• Stands Grows with Baby

Bank-Level Security

• Enterprise Level Security
• Secure Video Stream
• Encrypted Data Protection

Cubo App

• Background Audio
• Bird-Chirping Alert Sound
• Family Sharing
• Up to 8 concurrent login users
• Multiple Camera Support
• Smart Home Integration (Coming in December)
• 2-Factor Authentication

If you have any questions about the Cubo be sure to let us know. We love it! x

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