Finding fun in every day with LEGO® DUPLO®

Everyday life is a big chance to learn and grow and LEGO® DUPLO® has developed new, engaging sets that allow children to do just that!

Find the fun in real life scenarios – like going on a bus ride or visiting the playground!

Acting out real-life scenarios during play is a great way for our kids to learn about the real world. It also allows parents to role play and teach important life lessons like patience when waiting for the bus, being polite when talking to others, being safe around the road or sharing the playground equipment.

Each time your little one gets down on that floor to play with a @lego DUPLO set, you are giving our child a blank canvas, waiting to be painted with imagination, creativity, and lessons for life.

Discover the latest range of LEGO DUPLO:

🚌 The Bus Ride
🛝 Dream Playground
🧸 Life At The Day Nursery
🏠 3-in-1 Family House

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