LIVE from lockdown with Emmy and Jess (and Ishq) 💛

Jess and I caught up today to see how you were all doing. I know there are many of you still in lockdown (and our friends in Vic and SA get out at midnight 🙏🏼).

We chat through the importance of connection and some of the things we find helps!

Jess and the team have also been writing lots of new articles which she chats through: Finding your village during these strange times, winter-proofing your home, laundry hacks.. all goodies!

Our experts, as always are here to help us through with their practical words of advice. Thanks Genevieve Muir for your tips and nice seeing you on there Jaimie Bloch 🤗

We also shared what we have happening at Kiindred HQ (a lot!) So keep your eyes peeled for our new app features dropping soon. 👀

Finally, if you have a real story you would love to share please DM us! I’ll pop a note up on our stories as well. ✍️

Thanks as always for being such an amazing community across our app, website and here on social.

We are here to support you always. X