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Biostime® SN-2 BIO PLUS Premium Organic Toddler Milk Drink

One of the most important (and difficult) decisions you’ll make as a parent is choosing what to feed your child. When your child becomes a toddler they are so busy exploring and discovering the world around them. Toddlers can be too busy building blocks to focus on eating their broccoli – and who could blame them! As parents, we naturally worry whether they are getting all the nutrients and additional support their little bodies need...

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icon-heartToddler Nutrition: Why various food groups
Nutrition Tips

Toddler Nutrition: Why various food groups are important

We’ve all been there. Your little one suddenly decides they only like to eat anything white, have suddenly become vegetarian or developed a tendency to raid the fruit bowl and avoid eating their veggies at all costs. We hear how important it is to eat a variety of foods and ensure they are getting a good balance of those food groups, but how does that translate to their daily meals? We teamed up with Biostime...

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icon-heartGet our favourite Toddler Smoothie Recipe

Get our favourite Toddler Smoothie Recipe

Toddlers can be fussy little eaters with their never ending change in food preferences! If we have had a particularly bad day where they just want to eat anything white, I find that a smoothie is a great option for making sure you amp up their day with a little goodness. There are a few benefits to making smoothies with toddlers. They absolutely love getting involved and it’s a great way to engage them with...

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icon-heartBiostime Toddler Milk Drink
Nutrition Tips

Biostime Toddler Milk Drink

The next generation organic toddler milk drink Developed by experts with decades of experience in paediatric nutrition, Biostime SN-2 BIO PLUS™ Premium Organic Toddler Milk Drink combines the power of science and nature to deliver the next generation organic toddler milk drink. It is made using freshly sourced, organic milk and cream from premium select organic producers, who are renowned for their unique natural environment and premium milk quality. The result is an ultra-premium organic...

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