Travelling with a toddler? These items will make that long flight feel like the holiday


Travelling with a toddler for the first time is intimidating, to say the least. After all, they hardly sit still at home, how are they supposed to stay still on an 8+ hour plane ride? Well, with these handy products, you’ll have no problem keeping them calm, full, entertained, or asleep during the ride.  

Some are absolute necessities for your little one’s safety, like the Travel Harness, while others will make the journey a lot more fun for both of you, like the Busy Board. We’ve also got solutions for the gross plane bathrooms, as well as things to help bub sleep. Point is, we’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. 


2-in-1 Stow-n-Throw Cuddle Bud 


It’s hard to exactly recreate the comfort of our beds at home, but we can get as close as possible with this blanket/pillow/cuddly toy combo. Keep bub warm and snuggly in the chilly airplane with this new lion friend. They’ve also got a bear, dog, elephant, leopard, Snoopy, Rudolf, Curious George, and a unicorn variation.

KiiMos Eye Mask for Kids 


It doesn’t need to be this exact one, but some kids will benefit from an eye mask on the airplane. It keeps the busy atmosphere at bay while they try to get some shut-eye. However, keep in mind that if your kid tends to be bothered by things touching their face, or has sensory issues, they might not tolerate the eye mask for long. But it’s worth a shot, right?

Alpine Pluggies Kids Earplugs  


As adults, we might not notice the plane noises so much anymore, but a kid flying for the first time definitely will. For kids above age 5, give them these reusable noise-cancelling earplugs. They’ll help tone down all the distracting noises and annoying humming of the plane, which will keep them calm and help them sleep. 

Alpine Muffy Protectors Babies Toddlers 


For kids under age 5, try these earmuffs that go around the head. They’re specifically designed to be comfortable for babies and young kids, and they’ll keep the noises of the plane to a minimum. We promise it’ll be a lifesaver when travel day arrives. 

Essentials & Convenience

Child Airplane Travel Harness 


If there’s one thing you need on this list, it’s this travel harness. Regular plane seats aren’t built for little children, so they’d be in danger if anything were to happen. In case of emergency, you’re going to want this harness to keep them safe and sound. It’s lightweight, easy to travel with, easy to install, and FAA approved. It’s best for kids between who weigh between 10 and 20 kilos. 

Fun Fly Foldable Travel Tray 


There’s nothing worse than spending the whole plane ride crawling around, trying to pick up the toys, markers, and pretzels that fell off your child’s tray table. We recommend this foldable travel tray, which has side panels to keep everything safely inside. It also has mesh pockets, is machine washable, and folds up nice and small for easy transport. 

JetKids Stokke BedBox 


Your kid will absolutely love this suitcase. They can tug it around themselves, or you can pull it while they go for a ride! It’s made specifically so kids can sit on it comfortably. It also has the perfect amount of space inside, and this one comes with a portable in-flight bed, which will make their plane trip extra comfy. 

Toddler Airplane Seat Extender 


Since little legs can’t reach the ground, plane seats can get really uncomfy really fast. To solve that problem, check out this airplane seat extender so they can comfortably stretch out. We totally wish they made one for adults, but alas. 


Fire HD 10 Kids Pro


While you might’ve vowed not to raise an iPad kid, we’ll ask you to reconsider just for this. The Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet was made specifically for children, and they’ll be entertained for hours with it. No need to worry about bringing along toys, games, books, crayons, or handing over your precious phone to watch movies on. It’s an all-in-one solution!

CozyPhones Headphones Ultra Thin Speakers Headband 


These headphones are the perfect kid-friendly headphone solution. They can’t fall out like earbuds, and they use bluetooth so there aren’t any tricky wires for little fingers (or worse, mouths) to mess with. They’re also designed so that kids can comfortably lay their head down without bulky contraptions getting in the way. Additionally, if you download a white noise sound on your phone and connect it to these, they’ll sleep like they’ve never slept before. 

Boogie Board Sketch Pals 


Budding artists will love this sketch board. It comes with a clip, attached stylus, and can be cleared as needed with the push of a button. It’s also just so adorable!

Montessori Toddler Wooden Busy Board


Any kid will be wildly entertained by this engineering-inspired busy board. It’s got lots of lights, switches, and sensory buttons to mess with, and it’ll help little ones grasp the idea of cause and effect. 

Orlight Montessori Busy Board Toy 


Bring a dash of education onto the plane with this busy board. It’s made to help kids grasp colours, numbers, the alphabet, time, and more! In addition, it’s got interactive sensory games to mess with, and will even help them understand how to tie shoes!


Folding Travel Toilet Non-Slip Suction 


Plane bathrooms aren’t exactly built for little kids. This foldable, non-slip toilet solution will keep them comfy, safe, and a bit cleaner. It’ll also help young kids gain confidence with plane toilets, which can be a bit daunting at first.

Johnson’s Hand and Face Wipes – 4 Pack


Yeah, you’re going to want to bring some of these along. Planes are really gross, and the last thing we want is your little one catching germs. They’ll definitely need it to clean off their hands when those get messy too. 

Mighty Clean Disposable Toilet Covers 


These kid-friendly disposable toilet covers will keep your little one nice and clean on the potty as they won’t be touching the gross public toilet seat. It’s also extra large and has an optional adhesive stip to keep it in place, so it’s ok if they wiggle around as kids do. 

Food and Drink

Yookee Home Bento Box for Kids 


Let’s face it, airplane food sucks and airport food is crazy expensive. Did you know that most food can go through security without issue, as long as it’s under 100ml of liquid? Sandwiches, snacks, fruits and veggies are all perfectly fine! Before the trip, pack them a lunch or a big snack in this leakproof bento box. When they inevitably get hungry later, you won’t have to drop $30 on a sandwich and some crisps. 

Makersland Collapsible Water Bottle


We all know you can’t bring full water bottles through airport security, so instead, bring these collapsible bottles with you. They’ll be empty, but as soon as you’re through security, you can fill them up for free at the water station. As I’m sure you know, it’s really important to keep your kids hydrated on long plane rides. 

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