Purchases to puddle-proof your little one this winter

Emmy Samtani

Emmy Samtani

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Updated on Jun 14, 2024 · 4 mins read
Purchases to puddle-proof your little one this winter

Although the end of summer sadly means no more long days at the beach or frolicking with the fam in the pool, winter does bring with it a charm of its own. Think cozy outings to places with fireplaces and hot chocolate or scenic walks (with fewer people – bonus!).

Of course, if you have kids, then the activities can’t stop just because the temperatures drop, because no child wants to be cooped up inside well, ever. This means that you need some great items that will make sure your little one stays nice and toasty and dry too.

For kids living in colder climates, a good winter coat is a necessity. To keep your child warm without adding too much bulk, look for coats with insulation, preferably made of down or synthetic fibres. A coat with a waterproof or water-resistant shell will also keep them dry during rainstorms or even trips to the snow. A hood is also a great feature to keep the head and ears warm and dry.

A pair of warm, waterproof boots are also great to have on hand as is a good raincoat.

These not only keep the rain out, but they also keep puddle splashes and other outdoor water shenanigans dry(ish). And, let’s face it, what kid doesn’t enjoy a good puddle jump?

When you want to take the comfort factor up a notch, you can’t go past a sweet tracksuit set, pair of Ugg boots or slippers.

And, of course, no winter wardrobe is ever complete without a handy umbrella.

So, where to start with all of these essentials for your kids to make winter a breeze? Let’s start with wet weather gear. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of our personal favourites so you can sail through the wetter months like a total pro, with a side of toasty.


La Nina may be behind us (we hope the BOM isn’t pranking us on this one!) but Australia still sees its share of rainy days so some waterproof essentials are a must! Here are some of the raincoats we love, for every budget.

Zara Rubberised Faux Shearling Raincoat

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Price $59.95

This raincoat will not only keep your kids dry, but they’ll stay super warm too! We love the fluffy shearling interior, and of course the hood is a must.

Target Lightweight Jacket 

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Price: $35

Though the weather might be dark and stormy, that doesn’t mean your jacket should be! This bright floral rain jacket is so adorable, it makes me wonder if they sell it in adult sizes…

Hatley Classic Pink and Navy Splash Jacket 

Buy Now

Price: $79.95

We all know that practicality is just as important as style, which is why we love this pick. It’s PVC-free, waterproof, machine washable, and PINK! What more could you ask for?

Rainkoat Explorer Jacket 

Buy Now

Price: $90

Struggling to find a raincoat in your kid’s favorite colour? Luckily, this raincoat comes in 12 beautiful shades, and is perfect for any little adventurer as it’s built for exploring!


Once you’ve got your raincoat sorted, it’s time to make sure those tiny little toes stay nice and dry with a great pair of gumboots. Here are a few of our favourites.

Hubble and Duke Natural Rubber Gumboots

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Price: $49.95

Sometimes, putting on your kid’s shoes turns into a whole production – and not the fun kind! That’s why these sweet little boots are specifically designed to be easy for kids to take on and off themselves!

Target Kids Core Rainboots

Buy Now

Price: $20

There’s no need to break the bank over some wellies, which is why we love these durable, budget-friendly boots! These also include a cushioned innersole and fabric lining to keep little toes toasty.

Skeanie Toddler Gumboots

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Price: $24.98

If you’re looking for the podiatrist-approved option, look no further! These boots are made from natural rubber and cotton, and earned the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

NEXT Chelsea Wellies

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Price: $34-$40

The Chelsea Wellies almost seem too good to be true: cute, comfy, and trouble-free! They feature a padded footbed and elastic details, so taking them on and off is child’s play! And we’re absolutely obsessed with the rainbow soles.


Of course, the perfect rainy day fit wouldn’t be complete without a cute little umbrella. We just can’t get over how sweet these ones are!

Target Kids Umbrella – Dinosaur

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Price: $15

This roarsome umbrella has a U-shaped handle, so little hands won’t have any trouble holding it, and it’s simple to open and close with a touch!

Djeco Flowers & Birds PVC Child Umbrella

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Price: $17.49

We adore how this design is not only beautiful, but practical as well! The transparent PVC lets your kid see from under it, and the dome is extra high for extra coverage.

Gorman Sunday Funday Umbrella

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Price: $23.20

Our last recommendation is this charming umbrella. We love how unique the print is, and of course the quality is incredible!

Next time, we’ll be revealing our favourite snuggly winter gear from jammies to trackies so stay tuned!

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