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This is my story of courage at Club Med Phuket



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Created on Jan 22, 2024 · 2 mins read

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to take action in spite of our fears. Sometimes it can take us to be outside of our usual routine to find the courage to try new things and holidays present the perfect opportunity to do this!

Gen from @connectedparentingau shares a story about her little guy Tom. He is the third of four boys, fitting snugly in the middle of a very loud gang of brothers and is on the quieter side. He prefers to be drawing or building LEGO over leaping around or taking physical risks.

“When we arrived at Club Med he looked at the trapeze and announced unequivocally that he “would NOT be attempting the trapeze…. no way”. So he happily skipped the trapeze and had a ball on the trampoline instead. Only one day later, with no pressure applied by us or the lovely GO’s who were caring for Tom, he decided he wanted to try the trapeze….. Whether it was the holiday vibes, or the fun the kids who tried it were having; I was quite surprised. However, I was keen to support Tom and I was there with him when he began the big climb up the ladder….

Tom got about halfway up and stopped in his tracks. He said he was ‘tired’ but the look of fear on his face was real and raw. His body froze and he climbed down. He didn’t make it that day…” You can read the full article for how Tom overcame his fear at Club Med Phuket via here.

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