The best brush and hair products for curly-haired kids

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Bella Brennan

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The best brush and hair products for curly-haired kids

Hands up if you’ve ever had to cut a matted bird’s nest out of your child’s hair. Ahh welcome! You must be a member of the curly-haired kids club. So nice to see you here. Grab a seat and get comfortable.

There’s no denying just how beautiful a wild mane of tornado tendrils looks to the naked eye. People will often stop you on the street to swoon over your child’s angel-like tresses. But behind the scenes, parents will know just how full-on the maintenance can be. Especially if your little one isn’t a fan of washing their hair/brushing their hair/letting you touch their hair.

Thankfully, bird’s nests and unruly knots don’t have to be a regular part of the routine with these game-changing curly hair products…

What’s the best tangle-free hair brush for kids?

Take it from this mum who has tried just about everything on her little girl’s mop of ringlets, you can’t go past the Happy Hairbrush. The ingenious design is made from boar bristles, which are a curly person’s best friend because they smooth frizz and inject shine without pulling while working the hair’s natural oils from the roots to the ends. The curved panel also minimises breakage by easily separating knots and detangling hair without pulling it.

In terms of which design to choose: for babies, the Happy Hair Baby brushes are your go-to; for toddlers 18 months and above, the Happy Hair Sensory Brushes are also a good option depending on how full the hair is.

All-the-must-have-items-you-need-if-you-have-a-curly-haired-kid-1-1024x1024Shop Happy Hair brushes

Another nifty tool to have in your toolkit is the Unicorn Hair Brush from Seed. The gentle detangling brush makes brushing your little one’s hair a breeze with flexible bristles that gently smooth out any knots. Another bonus is that it’s the perfect compact size for travel.

How do you brush your kid’s curly hair?

The best way to brush your child’s curly hair is in the bath or shower while the conditioner is still in it. Gently section off parts and work your way through their hair, then rinse. If your little one isn’t a fan of having their hair brushed, give them some bath toys to play with to try and distract them.

Give their hair another thorough brushing straight after bathtime while it’s still damp. Towel-dry and then section off hair with your hands. Hold each section at the top near the roots, and then brush down so they don’t feel it if you have to work through knots. Add curl spray, then scrunch curls into place so they dry in a tight ringlet. Goodbye frizz, hello fabulous hair!

All-the-must-have-items-you-need-if-you-have-a-curly-haired-kid-2-683x1024Shop Seed’s Unicorn Hair Brush

What is the best comb for curly hair?

 Like hairbrushes, you’re going to want to invest in a good quality option. A wide-tooth comb will minimise breakage and help get their hair smooth and knot-free. Bodyshop’s Detangling Comb’s extra-wide design makes sure your little one’s hair will be gently untangled without any tearing or tugging. Use it on wet or dry hair.

All-the-must-have-items-you-need-if-you-have-a-curly-haired-kid-3Shop Body Shop’s Detangling Comb

If your child loves playing around with different hairstyles, stock up on seamless hair ties without metal = no breakage when taking out the hairstyle. Lady Jayne has a pack of 24 snagless designs that minimise knots and pulling of hair.

All-the-must-have-items-you-need-if-you-have-a-curly-haired-kid-4Shop Lady Jayne’s Value Pack

TIP: At bedtime and after you’ve washed your child’s hair, towel-dry it and then plait it with a seamless hair tie. Don’t do the plait too tight though! You want them to be able to sleep with it. In the morning, take the plait out and behold — the perfect head of curly hair will await you.


Best shampoo and conditioner for curly hair

Keeping your child’s curls in check can be a big job. You want a fail-safe routine that works. Enter Pump’s Kurly Kidz Pack — it has all your bases covered: shampoo, conditioner, leave-in spray, and curl jelly. The line has no nasties and is fragranced with natural essential oils. They’re a curl’s best friend!

All-the-must-have-items-you-need-if-you-have-a-curly-haired-kid-6-1024x1024Shop Pump Kurly Kids bundle 

How often should I wash my child’s curly hair?

You should be washing your child’s curly hair around three times a week with curl-boosting shampoo and conditioner. Make sure combing is also a part of your routine. If you wash your child’s hair daily, it will be stripped of its natural oils which will result in frizzy, dry hair.

TIP: Every few weeks, put a small dollop of conditioner in your child’s towel-dried wet hair to leave in overnight. About the size of a twenty-cent piece is perfect. A Leave-in conditioner is an easy way to tame the frizz.

Invest in a silk pillowcase

If you really want to treat your child’s mane, invest in a good-quality silk pillowcase. Silk locks in moisture from natural oils and products, which reduces friction that might cause tangles and breakage. The Delta Dreams Kids Pure Silk Pillowcase will fit a toddler-size pillow and has anti-frizz and anti-static properties that help tame frizzy hair.

All-the-must-have-items-you-need-if-you-have-a-curly-haired-kid-7Shop the Delta Dreams Kids Pure Silk Pillowcase 

Whether you have a curly-haired girl or curly-haired boy, there are bound to be a few battles with the knots (and maybe even the scissors ✂️) along the way. Hopefully, arming yourself with the knowledge on how best to look after their glorious hair will make everyone’s life (and locks) much more manageable.

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