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Baby shower games and activities that you will actually want to do



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Created on Oct 09, 2023 · 3 mins read

We’ve all been to those baby showers. The ones that are so jam-packed full of games and activities that you barely had time to sip on your glass of bubbles and talk to the mum-to-be you were too busy inspecting “poop” filled nappies or pinning the pacifier on the baby.

Some people love the games, and that’s great… But if it’s your baby shower coming up and the thought of vegemite smeared nappies fills you with horror then we’ve come up with a list of some activities that you can still do, that don’t suck!

They still allow your guests to socialise and mingle and enjoy some delicious food and will still leave you with lasting memories of the day.

1. Wishes for the baby

Simple and sweet. Get your guests to write down their hopes and dreams for your little one. You can then put these away and save them for when your child is older.

2. Guess the name/weight/DOB

Whether you hand around pieces of paper or get them to just jot them down in a book, you’ll enjoy looking at all the names they choose (you might even get some ideas!) and then once you’ve had the baby you can look back and see who guessed correctly.

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3. Fingerprint tree

You can buy a printout from Etsy of a tree with branches, and get your guests to add their fingerprint to it on the day. It’s a sweet momento that you could then frame put up in the baby’s room.

4. Advice cards

You can buy these ready-made these days or even just give your guests blank pieces of paper or a book and get them to share their pearls of wisdom with you. Hint: Don’t read them out during the baby shower though, it only embarrasses people and puts them on the spot.

5. Midnight nappy change messages

Get your guests to write something on the back of a nappy – words of encouragement or better yet, something funny to make you laugh during those long, lonely nights.

6. Trivia

A short round of trivia about the mum and/or dad-to-be can always be a good laugh, just don’t let it go on too long and nothing too embarrassing.

7. Say it on camera

Get your guests to leave a message/advice/their baby name and DOB guesses on camera, and then turn it into a video that you and your little one will watch down the track. Or if you’re not so tech-savvy, you could always do a photo booth with a chalk message board instead, and then turn the photos into an album or book.

8. Forget the games and do an activity

If you still want to have people doing something – and mingling if there will be a lot of people who don’t know each other – get them to decorate onesies or wooden toy blocks for the nursery. Or better yet, steer clear of the baby stuff completely and do something fun like a mocktail making class or get a mobile beautician to come and give everyone a mani/pedi.

9. Do it all for charity

Get your guests to take part in a working bee – whether it’s creating gift packs for mums/bubs in need or going somewhere specific to volunteer together as a group such as Ronald McDonald House, nothing makes you feel better than helping out someone in need.

10. Or, don’t do anything!

If you don’t want any games or activities at all – then don’t. Don’t feel pressured if it’s not your thing. Quality time with your nearest and dearest celebrating you and your bub is all you need.

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