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Gifts for Mother's Day 2024: Something for every mum

Chloe Schneider

Chloe Schneider

Chloe is a writer and content strategist with bylines in mindbodygreen, Mashable, Ageless by Rescu, and more. She's a mum to one-year-old Felix, and believes that you can have it all, you just can't have it all at once
Created on May 02, 2024 · 11 mins read
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We know what your email inbox looks like right now. “Show her you care", and “ A gift as unique as she is," is filling up the subject line (with a string of flower emojis) in the lead-up to Mother’s Day.

And yes, there’s a place for this sugary-sweet sentimentality – few things get us in the feels like our mums – but we know that every mum is different. No point adding a pair of slippers to your cart if your mum’s rarely indoors and prefers activewear to PJs.

Sometimes it’s not just the ‘thought’ that counts, but the thoughtfulness.

It’s about finding your own way to show someone that you took some time out of your busy life to really think about who they are, what they mean to you, and a gift that could show that.

This gift list has been carefully curated with the many mums in our lives top of mind. The hope is that, as you browse through, one of the items will jump out and shout “that’s her!” The one who ironed your undies, listened to your rant about silly boys while getting your nails done, and hung up your macaroni art like it belonged in the Louvre.

There’s a gift for every mum, and here are some that we love.

The mums that count their steps and live in activewear

It’s 7 am. The rest of the world has only half-opened their eyes, but this mum has gone for a run on the beach, grabbed a coffee with her girlfriends, and sent a “happy birthday” text to her second cousin who she only sees every three years. 

They never miss a beat. The mornings are their safe haven from the parenting chaos (or general life mayhem) that ensues, and their secret to getting ahead of the day. 

These mums deserve something functional, fitness-focused, and also a little lux.

An extra layer for winter walks

As we’re coming into cooler weather, active mums need a warm but breathable layer to throw on pre- or post-workout. This Nimble Activewear knit strikes that perfect balance, plus it’s chic and versatile enough to carry you through to lunch and school pickup. 

Nimble Activewear AM to PM Half Zip, RRP $189.00

An at-home pilates subscription 

On busy days, getting into a studio for a workout can feel like a bridge too far. Thankfully, there are so many amazing at-home workout programs to choose from, like Our Pilates. It offers full-length (30-40 minute) and mini (10-15 minutes) classess, as well as options for prenatal or postnatal mums. I also love the addition of pelvic health exercises for endometriosis, pelvic girdle pain, prolapse, and other conditions. 

Our Pilates subscription, RRP $198 for 1 year

A clever headband

I recently got a “mum chop” after having long hair most of my adult life and my one gripe was that I could not seem to get all my hair off my face during a workout — until I discovered the power of a headband. This one is made from Lululemon’s buttery-soft, sweat-wicking Nulu fabric and has a four-way stretch, making it super comfortable. 

Lululemon Women’s Nulu Wide Reversible Headband, RRP $25.00 

A minis kit for post-workout showers

If the active mum you’re shopping for is also a busy mum, she’s probably showering at the gym, pool, or studio every now and then. This Malin + Goetz Minis Kit has all the essentials for face and body (a rare find!) to make post-workout showers that much easier. 

Malin + Goetz Best-Sellers Travel Kit, $69.00

The “Do you want a cuppa?” mums

If tea time is basically a Holy meal in your family (everyone comes downstairs, bikkies are laid out, and you buckle up for one of Dad’s long-winded stories), your mum’s probably the chilled-out kind. 

Their love language is quality time and acts of service, as long as they can be in comfy clothes and snuggled on a couch. Oh, and did we mention they have a serious sweet tooth?

These cosy gifts will help mum get more of that downtime, and remind them how much they deserve those little moments of calm.  

A bookshelf in her handbag

My Kindle sat in a drawer for several years as I continued to buy and read real-life paperbacks. But then I became a mum, and the ability to read one-handed and take an entire bookshelf with me won me over. Today, my Kindle and I are basically inseparable. I love the Paperwhite because it’s lightweight, waterproof, and has a warm light that’s perfect for nighttime reading.  

Kindle Paperwhite, RRP $269.00

Special tea for relaxing afternoons

There’s the cup of tea you sip while start your day, and then there’s the cup of tea you sit down to alone with a book: Two completely different experiences that deserve completely different types of tea. This beautiful gift box from Mayde Tea includes three loose-leaf teas for brewing on cozy afternoons, as well as a chic brass tea spoon. Heaven! 

Mayde Tea Daily Essentials Set Gift Box, RRP $99.00

Some chic slippers

Yes, slippers may be a bit of a clichéd Mother’s Day gift. But these are not just any slippers! The simple boucle slide style is fun and won’t overheat the feet, they come in a selection of cheerful colours and patterns, and they’re carbon neutral from an independent, female-founded company.
Kip & Co Mint Gelato Quilted Sherpa Slippers, RRP $45.00 

Just-for-mum chocolates

Mums tend to do a lot of sharing, and that includes sharing food. Gifting a treat that’s really just for her can feel meaningful — like this beautiful gift bundle from Locolove containing ten of their decadent, but better-for-you, chocolate truffle bars.

Loco Love Rainbow Bundle, RRP $53

The busy-as-hell mums

Just a peek into their (physical, handwritten) diary gives you a migraine. It’s the mum who could only possibly get all of these things done if she has a Time-Turner, and yet she asserts her Muggle status. 

She’s running a household, hosting a book club, saving a small business, and catching up on the latest British crime drama all in a day’s work. Whilst we admire these mums to bits, they’re not great at letting on when they need a hand. 

Mums with stacked calendars really just want to buy back a few minutes of the day. My advice: Think about the mum you’re gifting and the task she truly loathes — then try to find a gift that takes it off her plate.

The gift of dinner delivered

We’re all feeling the pinch, and even the busiest mums can feel a little guilty opting for delivery on a weeknight. Help them out with an Uber Eats voucher they can use on those days where even putting water on to boil feels exhausting. 

Uber Eats Voucher, various prices

Wholesome home-cooked meals 

If you’re buying for a health-conscious mum, one with allergies in the family, or someone you know misses home-cooked meals but hates making them, opt for a Dinner Ladies voucher. Their extensive menu includes options for no prep, some prep, and microwaveable.

The Dinner Ladies voucher, various prices, servicing Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, regional New South Wales and regional Victoria. 

The laundry taken care of

Absolutely no one wants to spend their whole weekend catching up on laundry, but that’s what so many busy mums wind up doing after a hectic week. Take a load off (literally) with a voucher from The Laundry Lady. They pickup, wash, dry, fold, and even iron. 

The Laundry Lady voucher, starting from RRP $60.00 

The long-term solution

As much as we love a few meals or a load of laundry taken care of, they’re short-term solutions for a long-term problem. This gift is different. Fair Play cards help coupled-up parents divide up the tasks and discuss what they need to make home life a little easier — and fairer — for everyone.

The Fair Play Deck, RRP $39.99 

The spa day everyday mums

Calling on the mums who boast their Mecca Beauty Loop level and haven’t aged a day since they discovered red light therapy. Introducing, the pamper mums. 

Spa days are a “special treat” they allow themselves more often than not. Every room of their house smells like vanilla, swirling a glass of wine makes them feel classy, and Missy Higgins speaks to their soul. 

Good news, these mums are super easy to buy for — here are a few places to start.

The coolest spa-grade facial device

This genius little device combines red light therapy, galvanic current, therapeutic warmth, and facial massage, giving you a spa-grade facial right at home. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and the ombre colour is fun and chic. 

Solawave 4-in-1 Red Light Therapy Skincare Wand & Activating Serum Kit, RRP $360.00 

The treatment of her choice

A spa voucher might be the easy option for a pamper mum, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great option. Endota have loads of locations around Australia, and offer a range of treatments including facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures. We love choice! 

Endota The Freedom Gift Card, various prices 

A head-to-toe sheet mask kit

Sheet masks are the ideal way to get a little pampering into your week. This kit from Patchology contains two facial sheet masks along with eye, hand, and foot masks for the ultimate head-to-toe pamper-at-home experience. 

Patchology Cloud Nine Head-to-Toe Hydration Kit, RRP $77.00

The plushest robe

No one wants to mask and manicure in jeans — pamper time is far superior with a plush robe. This one from Hommey is made from 100% cotton, making it cozy but breathable, and comes in a huge array of fun colours. Plus, it’s from an ethical, sustainable, Aussie brand. 

Hommey Robe in Grapefruit Stripes, RRP $149.00 

The mums who love a taste of luxury

Got a mum who enjoys the finer things in life? 

She holds her wallet on the day-to-day, but suggestively eyes off boutique shop windows with a cooing noise and soft-spoken “Isn’t that nice?”. This mum never outwardly asks for the bougie item on their wishlist, but you’ll probably catch the hint soon enough. 

A fancy mum’s style icon is Princess Diana, her favourite movie is Pretty Woman, and she’s always dreamed of having a signature scent. 

Celebratory moments like Mother’s Day are the perfect excuse to splash out and really spoil a mum who enjoys a bit of sparkle and show, but doesn’t let herself indulge often enough. These gifts are guaranteed to make her feel special. 

A special bottle of bubbles

Nothing beats a bottle of Bollinger. Its toasty, oaky notes make it distinctive and special — a perfect bubble for a mum with great taste. 

Bollinger Special Cuvée, RRP $105

A very luxe handbag

If you really want to spoil someone, a handbag is the way to do it. With soft black leather adorned with the iconic Loewe Anagram motif, this beautiful cross-body bag really is the definition of quiet luxury. 

LOEWE, Dice Pocket Embellished Leather Shoulder Bag, RRP $1,415

An opulent fragrance

Fragrance makes such a wonderful gift because it serves as a daily reminder of just how loved the person is. Portrait of a Lady is an elegant, sophisticated scent that is almost universally beloved — making it the perfect gift for the fanciest woman in your life. 

Editions de Parfums By Frédéric Malle, Portrait of a Lady EDP 50ml $449

Diamonds with a difference

Nothing says luxury like diamonds. These delicate daisy earrings from Sarah & Sebastian feature marquise diamonds mimicking white daisy petals. They have a touch of nostalgia to them, but still feel thoroughly modern, elegant, and special.

Sarah & Sebastian, Daisy Earring, RRP $1,990 

Cost-friendly favourites for every mum

And lastly, there are the tried and trusted sentimental gifts from the heart that every mum loves. You don’t have to have a big budget to show mum that you care, and these classic gifts will warm the heart and fill her proverbial cup. 

Breakfast in bed

An absolute classic. Be it vegemite on toast or a full blown fry up with a cup of freshly squeezed juice. Dads can coach the kids through the cook-up, or why not get experimental and try a new recipe? Nothing says ‘I love you mum’ like a sleep-in and a full tummy. 

Handpicked flowers and a homemade card

If you’re lucky enough to have some fresh flowers in your garden, get the kids involved and put together a little posy to brighten up Mum’s Day. Then pair it with a homemade card complete with thoughtful messages and kids art!

Helping with the housework

We can’t stress enough how well this particular gift is received by mums everywhere. Give her a day off the housework, and maybe even offer-up some homemade vouchers that can be redeemed for particularly tiresome chores or favours around the house at a later date. 

Wrapping it up

Every mum is different; some might still love a homely scented candle, but others might prefer a gesture that says I know you. 

If you want to guarantee your place as the family favourite this Mother’s Day, go that extra mile and pick something that suits that mums in your life. 


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