8 best baby apps that will help make every parent’s life easier

Emmy Samtani

Emmy Samtani

Emmy is the founder of Kiindred and mother to 3 little ones. Over the last 4 years, she has worked with some of the most credible experts in the parenting space and is a keen contributor on all things parenthood.
Updated on Jun 14, 2024 · 5 mins read
8 best baby apps that will help make every parent’s life easier

Parenting is a crazy ride, and we know we can’t do it alone. There is such an overload of information (and so many moving parts). That it can be seriously overwhelming just trying to keep little humans alive. Let alone feeling organised and on top of everything. The mental load is overwhelming. Whether you’re a new parent or are a couple of kids deep, it’s never too early or too late to get organised. But knowing where to start can be a little confusing – especially when there are SO many baby apps out there!

What baby apps do I really need?

Most of us find our phones are full of apps we downloaded and never actually used, or used to use and no longer do. So first things, first: do an app audit.

Go through your phone and delete any old apps that you no longer use. You’ll find you suddenly feel less overwhelmed by having less clutter in your phone. Win.

Then sit down and write a list of all the things you need to do and ways that you think might help. Is it organisation you’re after? Or are you looking for connections with other mums? Or maybe somewhere to share your baby’s milestones and photos that isn’t social media?

Whatever it is, chances are there’s an app out there to help you do it!

This is exactly why we created the free Kiindred app in the first place. To create a one-stop-shop for parents who feel overwhelmed by all the “stuff”.

These days there are so many other amazing baby apps available for parents to help make life easier too.

We’ve narrowed down a few of our favourites, from scheduling to trackers and baby development, to safety and social media.

The 8 best baby apps to make your life easier

1. Feed safe

This is a great resource for breastfeeding mamas who are wondering if they are safe to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. (Spoiler: there’s no need to pump and dump.)

This app helps you track when you have an alcoholic drink and tells you when you are safe to feed your baby.

It also has a detailed ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section. Providing information on alcohol and breastfeeding according to the latest government health guidelines.

2. 2Houses

2Houses is a great resource for parents who are co-parenting, helping take the stress out of an already difficult situation.

It includes features such as custody scheduling, calendar syncing, activities and appointments. It also keeps track of medical information and vaccination timetables.

Other features include:

• Financial management system for shared expenses

• A simple messaging tool to help keep track of communication that can never be deleted.

• An information bank full of contact details for all your children’s needs. This includes medical contacts, as well as things such as clothing and shoe sizes, height, weight etc.

• A journal, which is like a mini social network for your family to share news, photos, videos, updates or funny stories.

3. OurHome

OurHome is a simple way to organise your family in one place. This is your go-to tool for help running the household, calendar, groceries and chores.

As the kids get older they can get their own access to see their assigned chores and tick them off as they go.

The app also features:

• Ability to assign and schedule tasks and chores

• Set personal goals, track progress and rewards

• Shared grocery list

• Family calendar with reminders

• Messaging

4. Tiny Beans

Tiny Beans is your baby’s first social network. How cute! It allows you to share photos and videos with loved ones without being on traditional social media.

It works off a calendar format, allowing you to upload the photo into a certain day so you never miss a milestone. You enter information into a specific day, such as the child’s height or weight or general comments/memories.  That way you have them all in one place.

Parents or grandparents can all upload directly into it. And there are plenty of fun filters and stickers to make it exciting.

5. Save the date to vaccinate

This app helps you track your child’s vaccination schedule. Sending you alerts when they are due and syncing up to your calendar.

This can come in really handy. as like so many things that can get lost in our endless to-do lists. Tip: If your child isn’t up-to-date with their vaccination schedule it can impact daycare and school enrolments. So this can be helpful to avoid any unnecessary complications there.

6. Rain Parrot

Planning outings with the kids is hard enough but rocking up to the park only to get caught in a sudden downpour can mean tears all around.

Never get caught out in the rain again with weather forecasts constantly updated for your location. You can even set notifications for 30 minutes before rainfall is expected and minute-by-minute intensity of incoming rain.

7. National Public Toilet Map

File this under apps you never thought you would need but are actually really helpful.

This is great for parents if you need to change a nappy on the fly. Or when your child is toilet training or in those first few years when kids are still learning to hold on. Being able to find the nearest toilet at the click of a button can be really handy.

It’s also great for the pregnant mamas – because when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go!

8. Kiindred

Ok stick with us, we’re biased WE KNOW. But we created Kiindred to be your go-to resource for expert advice, real-life inspiration and so much more. So we couldn’t write a baby app list and not include ourselves.

We cover all your baby’s development information (from verified experts in their fields). But we keep it simple and easy-to-digest. We don’t overwhelm you with content because that’s the last thing parents need!

We make parenting fun with our real-life inspiration content as well as our gorgeous baby and mama trends pages. We also have a dedicated media section, full of expert content as well as bedtime stories and meditations. And not to mention our game-changing daily rhythms which help set your baby (and you) up for better sleep!

Plus we’re just about to add over 10 new tools to the app to help you even more on your parenting journey, from feeding and sleep trackers to contraction timers. So stay tuned!

Check out our Kiindred app here or head to the app store to download for free now.

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