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CUB Biodegradable Water Wipes: Expert Review 2024



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Created on Apr 11, 2024 · 3 mins read
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Just like massage oils got you through pregnancy, baby wipes are your right hand man for living life with a little one.

But with the amount of rubbing and cleaning you’ll get up to (what can we say, babies are messy), there’s value in finding wipes that aren’t too harsh for your baby, or the planet. 

Luckily, we’ve done the searching for you, and the CUB 99% water biodegradable baby wipes are a bet you can count on.

CUB Wipes in-depth review by Kiindred

You don’t need to get too deep into parenthood before you develop an ardent appreciation for the handiness of baby wipes. They’re right there for every unseemly spill and questionable stain, alongside those dire nappy change disasters. So, stocking up on the right one is a step you can’t miss. 

Introducing….. the new CUB 99% water biodegradable baby wipes.

About CUB

The CUB range is exclusive to Coles and designed to support everyday parents so that they can focus on the stuff that matters. Their baby wipes fit neatly into that purpose, as water-based, biodegradable tools that refresh any mess. Hence why you can spot them in every parent’s car, handbag, and pram. 

On top of nappies and baby wipes, the CUB range also features baby foods and accessories.

CUB Wipes: Product benefits

  • Gentle on skin
    You don’t want to trust your baby’s delicate skin with just anything. While you’re cleaning and freshening up your little one’s skin, there’s an opportunity (and honestly, a responsibility), to treat it with care. Otherwise that adorable, super soft baby skin might become stripped or damaged.The CUB wipes are made from 99% water to cleanse and hydrate. They’re fragrance, alcohol and paraben free, as well as dermatologically tested.In short, these wipes are gentle, and actively care for your baby’s skin with every clean.
  • Accessible and affordable
    Baby essentials don’t come cheap. Well, except if they’re CUB.The good news is that you can add these to your basket without the usual “yikes” flinch. They’re ranged exclusively at Coles, so you won’t have to dodge shipping costs or consider signing up for a random membership for 20% off. You’ve got the best price and location upfront.

CUB Wipes: Specs and features

To summarise, the points to remember are that the wipes are:

  • 99% water 
  • Fragrance free 
  • Biodegradable* 
  • Alcohol & paraben free  
  • Gentle on delicate skin 
  • Dermatologically tested

In conclusion: Why we love it

When it comes to ticking off the baby essentials list, a general rule of thumb is “the gentler the better”. Gentle on your child, and gentle on the planet. Usually, the two go hand-in-hand together. The CUB 99% water biodegradable baby wipes have a minimalist ingredients list to steer away harshness and instead prioritise the health and safety of your little one. 

So, you can tackle dirty disasters knowing that your baby’s skin is protected.

* CUB 99% water wipes are biodegradable. Tested according to ASTM  D5511 to biodegrade in standard landfill condition.

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