What is kiindred?

kiindred is an application that supplies helpful guidance and inspiration for new parents across a range of different categories. kiindred also allows parents to connect with other new parents.

How much does it cost to download kiindred?

kiindred is initially free in 2017. Fees may apply for subscriptions to services, however you must opt in for these services.

Are there any other hidden fees that I should be aware of?

kiindred will always offer additional services, however you will always be asked if you would like to subscribe/ opt in for a service.

How private are my chats in kiindred chat?

All information is private and secure – for more information on security you can read further in our terms & policies found in Settings. For anything on the topic of Privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.

What services does kiindred need access to on my mobile phone?

Kiindred will ask if you would like to connect particular services.

How much storage will kiindred take up on my phone?

Approx. 20MB.

How do I update my user profile?

By clicking the Settings icon (top left of screen), you can update your details by selecting ‘Manage Profile’. This will allow you to update any third party connections (i.e. Facebook) if you haven’t done so already.

If I have more than one child, how do I switch between users?

You can easily switch between children by visiting Manage Profile (In Settings top left of screen), followed by ‘My Family’ and then selecting the checkbox of which of your children you would like to default to.

How can I delete the app off my phone?

By visiting ‘Settings’ (top left of screen) and ‘Delete My Account’.

How do I turn on/ off my push notifications?

You can manage your Notifications in ‘Settings’ found top left of app screen.

How can I ‘disconnect/ Block’ with a user on kiindred so they can be removed from my friend list?

You can remove a connection from your kiindred network by going to the connections icon (top right of app), followed by ‘Friends’. Select the friend you would like to delete by clicking on their profile and then select unfriend’ which can be found at the bottom of their profile.

I would like to connect my kiindred account with Facebook, however I have already signed up

To connect with Facebook after dismissing it upon original sign up, you can connect by going to the ‘Settings’ icon (top left of app) and visiting the ‘My Details’ page. Here you have the opportunity to connect with Facebook.

How can I connect with other kiindred users?

You can search on kiindred for other kiindred users by their first name + first letter of their surname. The best results for your search will be listed by name & location. This can all be done top right of screen in the ‘Connections+’ icon.

How can I share items from the Newsfeed with a friend that isn’t on kiindred?

Look for the ‘Share’ icon top right (next to star) and click to share. You can share via Facebook, Email or SMS.

How can I see information in the Newsfeed that has lapsed?

At any-time you can scroll back up the newsfeed to see information that may of past. You can also search for specific content in the Search bar amongst all categories listed.

How can I share kiindred to get a friend using the app?

You can share Kiindred by clicking on ‘Settings’ (top left of screen) and selecting ‘Tell Your Friends’. This will present you with options to share the Kiindred with anyone including your friends that are not currently on Kiindred.

How can I purchase a product that I have seen in Petite Trends?

You can easily purchase anything you see in Petite Trends by clicking on the product ad you like and by following the prompts to ‘Visit Store’.

If there are offers in Petite Trends how do I redeem?

If there is an offer related to a product on kiindred you will find an ‘offer code’ within the product page. You will have the opportunity to enter the kiindred ‘offer code’ through the transaction process on the retailer’s website.

How do I favourite things that I like in the Newsfeed, Trends, Events etc.?

You can easily favourite anything in the app that you like by clicking on the star top right of any content/ advert.

How can I remove people from my chat groups as well as delete a chat?

You can easily manage your chat members by clicking ‘Details’ top right of screen when in a chat. Here you can add/ remove people as well as delete conversations.

How do I allow kiindred to easily access my photos?

You will be prompted by kiindred when the app may need to access photos via a pop up on screen. You must press ‘Allow’ if you would like kiindred to access your photos. You can also go to your phone settings, find kiindred app icon and select. Here you can allow your phone to access your phone images.

How can I create a Snippet in Chat?

You can create a snippet by going into a chat, finding the chat, image or media you would like to save as a snippet and hold your finger down until ‘create snippet’ appears. Click create snippet and viola.

I want to contact the kiindred team

You can contact the kiindred team by emailing them: [email protected]

I have a great product, event or activity that I would like to share with the kiindred team. How do I let them know about it?

We would love to hear about your recommendations. Please contact us with the details and an image at: [email protected]


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